What is Mortal Online and what makes it an unique Game. (Review)

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Sep 7, 2020
Hello gaming friends,

I wanted to introduce you to Mortal Online 2 because this game is not on many people's radar.

What is Mortal Online 2?
Mortal Online 2 is a "hardcore PVP sandbox MMO" in a fantasy world with thousands of players, open dungeons, first-person combat and territorial PVP wars.

Build your own house, conquer guild castles, become the best blacksmith / animal tamer / engineer / thief or master the various skill-based types of combat.

What makes Mortal Online 2 special?
Full loot, sandbox, no microtransactions, wonderful big world with lots of lore, no traditional run from 1 Point to another quests but secret Quests, the most complex crafting system i have ever seen, high RP potential, skill-based real-time combat (like in mount and Blade).

I'm interested! Where can I sign in?
Mortal Online 2 will go into the "persistent-state" release on Steam in a few weeks. This means that after the release there will be no more wipes but the game is still in development (patches every 2 weeks).
You can register for the stress test on March 25th, 2021 free of charge on the MO2 homepage. This is expected to run until March 28th.

The game is developed by Star Vault from Sweden. The first part was rather less successful due to a very bad engine and "new player experience". Mortal Online 2 already does both of these things a lot better. It has beautiful graphics with constant performance. There will also be a noob island for persistent release, where you will be introduced to the various and complex systems.

Registration for the stress test and further information: mortalonline2.com

This game is a bit like if Rust would meet Mount and Blade Combat but as an MMO with a lot of Dungens, terretory Controll, World Bosses, free Building, Sieging, directional Blocking, Magery, with tons of Skills and professions.

This game is full loot but you actions have consequences. Here some Info about how the Developers want to prevent random murders and about the terretory Controll system. The game will have a local Murdercount system. Murders are only punished in the area where the crime was committed. You can murder anyone, but that would have certain consequences. If someone knows that a certain player is a murderer, that player can attack the criminal in the city without any consequences. The game is designed to not murder the players of your own kingdom, but rather that you form groups and attack another kingdom / city and its inhabitants, or try to defend your kingdom against invading hordes of barbarians.

Each player will only be allowed to create one character. There is a terretory control system. A large guild with a certain number of players can build a castle. A certain radius around the castle is then displayed as their area. Within this area, the landowners can determine the property taxes for the houses, which then automatically benefit the guild and fill their treasury / war chest. The territory of a kingdom can be expanded with the terretory control tower. If the taxes are too high, then this will certainly lead to a peasant revolt and the control towers will be attacked. The guild with a castle benefits from the residents and should be interested in many players wanting to live in their area.

I hope that landowners will come to the aid of their residents if someone wants to destroy their home. If the kingdom is attacked, many players will rush to the aid of their king if they are satisfied with him and if the king is not a tyrant. Who knows how high the future owner will turn the Tax screw. If the territory is expanded and reach a city, entire cities can be captured. The guild that occupies a city receives taxes from the auction house and has full control over the laws that prevail there. The occupiers of a city can blacklist thieves and grievers. These can then be attacked by anyone and are flagged as criminal as soon as they enter a city in which they have been blacklisted. The guards can also be deactivated, but that would certainly not please everyone and cause displeasure. Surely players would form up and want to drive out the ruler of the city and try to destroy the control tower. If a control tower is attacked, the guild who owns this tower will get a message in the chat and will try to defend it. You can search for Mortal Onlien terretory Controll Patch on youtube. Already the first game had that, but it will be finetunes this time.

Here the terretory COntroll trailer from the first game MO1

Here are some Videos Links. A a review from the famous Youtuber ESO about Mortal Online 2

Here some Videos of the Combat in Action. Recorded from a professional Player, so you can see how the combat looks like, if a person is playing that is knowing what he is doing.

I guess the Stresstest will have some huge organized Battles. Feel free to join to give the Developers enough Feedback, so they can spot Problems and make everythign as fluid as possible.


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Sep 7, 2020
This game is not only about Combat. As second thing i want to highlight the deep Crafting. If you love to be a crafter than this game is for you. It have the deepest Crafting mechanic i found in a game.

Here is a Video how to produce Steel but this is only one of many Materials !

You can craft Gear out of different Metals, and many animal Materials you can use for weapons and Armors. You have materials for Handels, Grips, the Balde and so on.

In this game you have Metals such as Pig Iron, Grainsteel, Steel, Cuprum, Gold, Silver, Skadite.

Iron based Alloys, such as Cronite, Oghnium, Tungsteel

You have cuprum based Alloys, such as Messing, Bron and Tindremic Messing.

Animal Materials you can get from Butchering Animals.

Every Armor and Weapon have to be creafted. Every Material you use needs the specific Lore. You need to check which materials you want to use, and are avalible in your Region.

If you live in the Jungle you have access to a lot of animal Materials such as Hornedscales, Platescales,Keeled Scales, Pansar Scales and every Material let the Armor look different.

Here is a List of all Combat and profession related Skills. https://kardaka.de/2020/12/29/combat-skills-full-list-mortal-online-2/

A Palyer have 1100 Skillpoints for the Combat Skills and 1100 Skillpoints for the profession Skills avalible. He can combine the Skills as he want to. You can be a fighter and a Tamer, or a Mage and an Archer. A Hybrid between Mounted Archer or Mounted Combat and Footfighter, a Paladin, Hybrid, Mage, Tamer Mage, or Dominator.

In this game we will get 10 different Magic Schools. 1 of them called "ecumenical Spells" is already released and the second one will be released soon.

Here video of the Magic Spells from ecumenical Spells.

Here a linkt hat show all Spells for the school Elementarism


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Sep 7, 2020
PVE is another great Feature of the Game.

In the predecessor MO1 we had a lot of Dungens with specific Loot,
terrifying creatures and world bosses

This will certainly also be added in Mortal online 2

Here some Videos of Creatures from the predecessor MO1

In the game you could farm Demons to get demon Stones and combine them to a pillar to create a world event, that opened a Gate and let spawn a lot of Monsters. Something like in other games the Airdrop. You could place them whereever you like it. Even in Town and this was the most fun for me. I farmed the Demon Stones for Weeks to create a lot of Events and cause Havok in Town !

Here a Video of the Thorax. A very Stong Boss Mob, that have been kited into the Town. That took quite some time.

Here a Video of the Ratzar Queen. Another strong Worldboss

The golden Danaburnu

The Troll (unique Boss Mob from the MO1 Beta)

The PVE is different as in other Games, becuause you need to prepare. The hardest Dungens are well hidden in the deepest Jungle. You want to build a house with a Prist nearby. You want to place some chests into the house, build a stable and store some materials in there. If your group get wiped you can ressurect over there in your camp and regear your group. You need mages that can ressurect. Maybe a Tamer with strong Pets, that he can stable in your Camp. Healers, a Lockpicker and so on. In this game every Expedition must be well prepared and nothign is easy, you have no map and can get lost.

Here a Videos of a Dungens we had in the first Game.


We had the Minotaur Dungen
Sator Dungen
Cultist Dungen
Spider Queen Cave 1+2
Tephra Cave
Spider Cave
Troll Cave
Risar Dungen
Sator Village
Sator Camp

and more. I don´t remember all. I played MO1 in 2012 and i am hyped for MO2. This time all Mobs have to be blocked directional.

I think this game is good becuase it offer somethign for every Player.

PVP Players, Crafters, Adventurers and Roleplayers.

You even could create your own Bank.

There was a guild called the royal Bank of Tindrem. This Guild
conclude non agression pacts with the PVP guilds and sells them the materials much cheaper, if they do not attack their members. These lend money to other player,s for which the guild master is responsible. If a guild does not pay their debts, then the Bank hire the best PVP players to siege the structures. These make it their task to organize heavily guarded gold transports to every city. A player can use their services and e.g. deposit 100 gold in a city and get paid out 80 gold in a city of their choice, without the risk of transporting. That's how they make their money. I haven't seen this in any other game. All Banks are local.

If you are a PVE/Trader guy, not interested in PVP, and want to get rich, join the Royal Bank of Tindrem and join their Discord. Those are very friendly Players.
No PVP players, but very powerful. At least in the first Game, because they were so rich to be able to pay any PVP guild. They could wipe out an entire guild with the snap of a finger.

Some players want to be heroes, explore dungens, and defend new players from grifers. Other players crave for power. Some players want to be filthy thieves and other players want to establish the greatest kingdom or want to research the best recipes.
In this game you have total freedom, to play the role you want to play and every role is important to simulate a true fantasy World.

The game is not for everyone, becuase it is very time consuming, the combat is very skillbased, and it have full loot, but is unique in all aspects.

The game plays differently than any other game. You have to be smart. Even with murderers can be dealt with. If a guild owns an area, it makes sense to join their discord and negotiate a contract from which both sides benefit. Let me farm in peace, and you will get some of my materials donated. For this you have to defend me against other bandits and I'll call you when I track down enemy players.

For me personal it is the best MMO i have ever played.
The only game that resembles Ultima Online and is not a disappointment. That is why i made this long thread. I am a Fanboy. If you have questions feel free to ask me.
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Sep 7, 2020
Here some basic Infos and Guides, for those Players that are interested in such a game.

(The worlsize is arround 386 km2)

Combat Tutorial for new Players.



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Jan 14, 2021
Thanks a lot maing. This is gona help out a lot of newbies like me. For as much shit as I talk, I know, the more I learn the less I know. Really, going to take a while to scour through all this, thank you. bookmarked.
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