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May 28, 2020
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here is the summary of henriks last stream
Mortal Online 2 Stream Summary 4k Ships & AI & Pets & More
by @Wolfszeit&T on YouTube
AKA @Speznat
Oct 2, 2021

Henrik's Stream:

This Text Version is for Future Reference
(It's even archivable.) Timestamps are approximated from Speznat's YT video.

As is typical, Spexnat "will go through the list and if it's not specified" in detail, then @Henrik Nyström didn't specify. My "quotations" are from Speznat, who is closely paraphrasing Henrik..., and if it's not in quotes, I either paraphrased Spwznat's vocals, or the auto-transcript, or (underlined) I commented on my own behalf. Thus, all the best information is theirs, and any errors are probably mine.

------This is the SPOILER LINE------

00:15 Troll Variants

Mortal Online 2 Stream Summary 4k Ships and AI and Pets and More 0-15 screenshot
From L-R, the Northern, the Midlands, & the Southern Troll

"Many animals & creatures will be region-based" and have regional variants.

00:29 Star Vault "also want to do this with other creatures" and "maybe later" will implement other mechanics for that, e.g. "unique attack patterns... unique UI", &tc.

00:42 Minotaur Axe

Mortal Online 2 Stream Summary 4k Ships and AI and Pets and More 0-42 screenshot
"The axe of the minotaurus (sic)..."; I like Big Axes, and I cannot lie.

00:44 "Looks pretty small, but it is actually very large" ¹ the size of "an Oghmir... at least". as Henrik described it. So, "if you get hit by this", it's bye-bye, baby ².

"You will even get damage if you parry that thing."

00:57 The Mighty Minotaur

D:\Downloads\Mortal Online 2 Stream Summary 4k Ships and AI and Pets and More 0-57 screenshot
My, What Big Pixels

"This is the Minotaurus and, yeah, you already know him, I think, from the last stream-- and, yeah, this creature is massive..." Though not as hard to defeat like the Troll "... but it's also tough to fight. They will be patched in SOON[™]".

01:10 Henrik Healing Over Time
"@Henrik's shoulder is healing slowly; he's on painkillers and he can't sleep very well at night."

01:16 Star Vault "are finishing":
  • the Horses currently,
  • then after that Molvas,
  • then Lykiators and
  • then all the other Pets."

01:25 Mounting Bears
"...and other stuff is planned after the Release", and then Wolves and all the other "stuff".

01:29 Domination
" still under development and it will come SOON[™]".

01:33 More Character Creation Options
are "still in the making" to make your character more nearly unique next patch.

01:38 Pets On The Broker
"Next patch... they're finished with that."

01:42 Breeding
"is planned for a little bit later, but before the release. Breeding will be in the game because it's a core mechanic, but it's it's not planned for the upcoming weeks...".

01:52 Press Operation
"will come to Bak-ti & Mohki-- they simply forgot to add these... to the towns."

01:59 Dragon Will Come
"much later in the game because" Star Vault wants "the best possible AI" for it. "(T)hey want to make it perfect & unique & really epic...".

02:12 Some Creatures Are Hard To Tame
"and it should be like that; and, some are only tamable when they are young or when they are in an egg-- and you hatch the egg."

02:23 Currently
Star Vault is "polishing and fixing... they're getting everything ready for Release and they fixing critical bugs... and even minor bugs... so" all the bugs you can find!

02:36 Fishing
"will be in game before the Release.

02:40 Mortal Online 2 "will also be available at release on GeForce."

02:43 Demons
"will come to the game again; they will look a little bit different. They will remake the demons in general, even the AI... and they will be implemented in another way than they were in Mortal Online 1. Yes, Henrik meant the demon dimension and not just placing some demons anywhere on the map. I don't know what he means by that", but he didn't specify it any further.

03:07 Cards, Playing Poker, Gambling, And Tavern Life
"will come later but" Star Vault will implement all these things.

03:12 Tutorial & New Player Experience
Star Vault "want to improve the Tutorial", etc., and they are currently working pretty hard on that.

03:18 Weight
"will determine how fast your Mount can go if you ride it; for example, if you are a Thursar and you're riding a Wolf then you will not be as fast as a skinny Veela riding exactly that Wolf."

03:31 Guild Banners & Emblems
"and other stuff will come to the game, but Henrik is not sure how they will implement that". They've already discussed how perhaps you can upload "your logo and some other stuff". In the process, it must be approved by a Star Vault employee.
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May 28, 2020
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03:48 The Break-Even Point
"for the whole game" is "8 000 players, and Henrik is pretty sure that they will surpass this by huge numbers", and "take the money and hire more developers" so that they can deliver even more content, and their critical AI bugs will be fixed. "(T)hey are working on that pretty hard."

04:06 All Animals Should Be Tamable And Are Tamable
" just need domination for the creatures", which I am assuming means the usual suspects: i.e., Minotaurs.

04:13 Casual Players
Henrik also spoke about the casual players-- "that don't have much play-time", and he said "you can find your niche anyway". Star Vault "will patch so much content" into Mortal Online 2 "that at some point" even if you have much less play-time but you enjoy a field in whatever profession then you will have a "great time."

04:33 Fun Fact:
Henrik could only play Ultima Online because his mother loaned him her credit card-- because of a modem & all the old stuff that cost money every minute that could not be paid for without a CC-- "and thanks, God, that she did that because otherwise we wouldn't have Mortal Online today." ³

04:51 More Music
Star Vault is currently "working on more music and more theme music around some areas..."

04:56 Patches for Problems
Star Vault "will patch in more stuff that prevents abuse of the AI mechanics", e.g. kiting a Troll.

05:05 Knockdown
"will not be implemented before launch... they will be very careful with implementing such stuff" and they will "not rush critical stuff" like this. Star Vault will test it in for a long time before patching it in, since it can break the game and "kill motivations" for "a lot of players "because now their builds don't work anymore, or maybe the new mechanic is just unbalanced". Star Vault is trying to avoid that.

05:31 Spiritism
is currently getting finalized.

05:33 Boss AI
"will be addressed" and "will be a little bit more balanced" so "that it feels not completely random who gets attacked."

05:40 Pre-Order Option On Steam
"will come soon".

05:42 Trolls Are Larger Than The Minotaurs

05:44 Beast Mastery
"will be more skill-based; powerful pets will still be possible but handling those will not be so easy all the time."

05:54 Mercy Mode
"finisher for players will also be implemented at a later stage"; "you can make cool finisher moves like beheading your enemy."

06:00 More Tindrem Districts & Houses
"will come over time."

06:04 Underworld Content
"will come in the future-- I hope you mean the Myrland cave system. Would be pretty funny if you if you go in the caves in Tindrem and you can go out in Bak-ti or something."

06:17 Morin Khur
"will get a little rework... stuff that looks more beautiful and that is actually more practical."

06:21 Dynamic Weather System
Star Vault are "currently working" on it & maybe it will come soon.

06:27 Stuff That Will Be Coming To The Game
  • Map Making
  • Magic Schools
  • New Continents
  • New Dungeons
  • Housing
  • Sieging
  • Thievery

06:33 Furniture & Workbenches Crafting
"will come to the game again. ...maybe not at first; maybe at first you can just buy it" at a vendor and later they will implement that as possible crafting.

06:44 Flattery (Crafting Arrows)
"will come to the game at some point."

06:48 Griffins & Flying Creatures
"... maybe also swarms... are a maybe and also... more something for later... there will be a flyable mount"... to some degree, Henrik said, in a very, very, very, very rare case, a player can maybe fly a Flying Mount.

But, it might break the economy-- and they must look closer at that. "(I)t will never be like that more than per cent ⁴ get the flying mount."

07:26 World Distribution Of Resources
"Pickables and creatures" are some things Star Vault are currently working on.

07:30 Thievery
Will be "an Action skill; if it would be a Profession, then many people would do that, and that's not the intention behind the Thievery."

07:36 Traps:
"for Humans and AI, for players and AI."

07:39 Spyglasses
"will come to the game with the Ships, of course-- maybe later, but the Ships first."

07:46 Bank Access
Star Vault "are currently working on Bank access so that in crowded areas" you can reach a Banker and then make an exit.

07:52 Boats & Ships
"will be customizable, and you can move the sails manually so..." you might actually need a little bit of experience of real sailing and its real-life principles; it would help. "Henrik claimed he's also pretty excited for that." ⁵

"There will be, of course... pretty large boats, pretty huge boats... more like a mobile home ⁶ ..."As if you're building your house... The ship is nearly the same, or "you can even see that as a mobile Guild base, and you can even have siege equipment" aboard.

08:20 Mortal Will Also Be Available At The Epic Game Store

08:22 Mount Bags And Horse Armor Will Be Dyeble

08:24 Mortal Online Is Not Only A Pvp Game
"... and Henrik hopes that many people will understand that at some point."

08:30 Haven Will Be Free To Play
"...happening down the road.."

08:31 Lykiators Will Have A Redesign, Molvas Will Have A
Face Lift

08:35 Titles Are Currently Being Worked On

08:38 There Will Never Be A Wipe After The Release Date

08:40 Henrik Don't Like MMOs That...
"are playing like a single-player game.

08:45 Star Vault Hires
"...hired our FX artist for nice effects and stuff... they also hired more coders; marketing is working pretty good; thanks to all streamers and content creators. (No problem, Henrik.)"

08:53 Many More Creatures And Animals Are Planned
"for the game and will come."

08:55 There Will Be A Huge Part Of The Player Base That Will Just Start Playing At The Release
" many people are waiting for the release."

09:01 Tindrem Arena
will come soon and with more features and more stuff like the old arena even with PvE rounds, group fights, and some other stuff

09:10 Unique PvE Behavior
Star Vault are currently working on it.

09:13 More NPCs To Be Added To Towns
Star Vault are planning & currently working on adding more non-player folks with "more immersive behavior."

09:17 The Npcs' Houses And Cities Will Be Rent-able

09:21 Thanks To The Whole Community For All Your Support "Henrik loves it."

Submitted in the Hope that Stuff Henrik Said is known to everyone, now and later, and that you all will hold his feet to a fire if necessary ;)

¹ 'That's What He Said'.​
² Yes, I am a Giants (baseball) fan.​
³ Translation: Henrik is old.​
⁴ This is probably not actual math. Read as 'very few'.​
⁵ Mad Scandinavian In A Ship ALert!​
⁶ No, he doesn't mean a trailer with a wagon on blocks in the yard. Maybe those come later?​
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May 28, 2020
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Hi everyone, List Udpated

here is the summary of henriks latest stream about the new animals and char customisations:

Party hard

@WolfszeitYT stream summary: "random stuff" plus "one interesting creature"
(as pressented by Henrik Nyström on Twitch; as usual, if details are not supplied, it's because Henrik's stream didn't supply them.)

<Taken from an auto-generated transcript of Speznat quoting & closely paraphrasing @Henrik Nystrom, and punctuated / <comments added> by this poster. Any errors or omissions are probably mine.>

0:15 The Manscape Is Looking Lush
"...This is a new character creation customization... hairy characters."

"... also very interesting...

Hairy Kallard: he looks a little bit like Ragnar Lotbrok..."
<To see these images in full & glorious rk, watch the video.>


<crap jokes ensue>
<"It's only a model.">

00:32 This Thing Will Be Huge
"... like, uh, 1 meter will be a little bit smaller than most characters is giant. It's a Giant Crab."

<many more amusing pronunciations of 'crab' omitted, and note the time jump>
02:46 The Giant CraB
"...has some very good materials like many other shell-type creatures-- like turtles for example and yes you can tame it but it depends on the age."
< I can see the merch now: "I went to Meduli / the Jungle and All I DId Was Catch The Crabs".
We return you to your regular timeline.>

00:42 Major Mage Armor
"Then they (SV) re-worked on some mage armor... it looks more like

like Mage-y stuff and less like armor and is heavily inspired by the Jedi from Star Wars."

00:58 The Broker Listing Item Bug
"will be fixed."

01:01 God Kväll
<thx to Google Translate>
"...means good evening in Swedish; nice to know."

01:04 No Support Of Third-Person View
"...ever and, no, not even just to picture your own character. You can open the character window and slide with your character there and turn your character around and stuff and you can make pictures there-- but there will never be an option... like in Black Desert, for example."

01:20 New World And Mortal
"...can coexist without a problem," HenrikWNystrom says, "because there are many people searching for a harder edge and a little bit more PVP and the true sandbox MMORPG and... they will come to (Mortal Online 2)."

"...All the other guys will stay at New World."

"Many people don't even know about Mortal and that is maybe a problem; but, if they knew what you can do there and what is possible, and if they (SV) have more features placed into the game... then he thinks that many New World players will come over to Model Online 2-- he means the players that are searching for a real sandbox experience."

01:59 Dragons Will Come Later

Ten Armor Pieces Will Not Come

" the game currently-- (I)f that is necessary and they have the
time for it and the resources... they will split up the armor parts further but currently there are no plans for that."

They are currently working on
02:12 More Tattoos And Face Rig Customization
"...Like, you know, from many other games...

  • Skyrim
  • Black Desert
  • Et cetera

02:22 Mouth & Lips Movement
"...will come to the game; when you talk over over Voice Over IP... everyone directly knows who's talking."

02:31 Even More Customizations Planned For Later In The Game
" hairstyles, tattoos, and some other stuff that is sometimes rare to find... the Barber and the Tattoo Artist are two professions."

03:00 Underwater Content
" planned, and polishing on Swimming and Diving and some other stuff."

03:06 Road Map Update Will Come Soon

03:08 Housing System
"There will be enough room for testing the houses and...on the housing system in general, because it will come in the end of November.

03:16 More Detailed Shield & Weapon Animations
"... will come."

03:18 More Animation For Creatures, And Other Resources
"... and stuff will always come but they need the time for that, and they currently don't have it-- so they are working on the new creatures and stuff first and then later we'll rework much stuff."

03:31 Tower Shields Will Come Later

03:32 The Weather / Heat System
is coming "...with temperature that affects you and your Pets, for example."

03:36 Buy Orders Are Finished
"...and will come with the next upcoming patch or patches."

03:41 More Sub Clades Are Planned
"...for much later in the game where, for example, under the Veela you have a few more sub-groups of the Alvarin. Alvarin is the main group, then the Veelas and then there are sub-groups of Veelss--- just for an example, but that is planned for much, much later."

03:58 Dogs
"...will also come to towns, depending on how they have the time for it."

04:02 Trinkets & Rings
"...planned for much later."

04:03 Necromancy
"...will be the next school" (of Magic).

04:05 Mentalism
"... is Henrik's favorite because more options as a melee fighter."

04:08 Breeding
"...will be different compared to the first (Mortal Online) game. So, Tamers "...will still have their viable profession."

04:12 Wiping Out Spawns
"If you, for example, wipe out a horse spawn, then you will maybe need a breeder, because respawning these animals will take a lot of time."

04:19 Donkeys & Mules
"...will come to the game."

04:21 Killing Horses
"...will also give you negative standing with the nation. Less griefing in town, so that is good..."

4:27 Anti-Cheat
"... is always being worked on."

04:29 Alchemy
"...some stuff planned like... you can see in darkness, you can breathe underwater, and many other gimmicks.

04:36 Halberds Will Come Soon

04:39 Upcoming Stuff
  • Referral Links
  • Guild Emblems for Banners Houses Cloaks

04:45 Press Operation in Bakti
<No, I don't think this means a publication to rival the Meduli Herald; more like a way to get Oils & Juices.>

04:47 Star Vault Are Working On The Resource Distribution

04:49 scribing
(Of spells) "...will come soon."

<continued in next post>
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May 28, 2020
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04:51 New Player Experience
" (being) worked on."

04:53 If You Don't Have A Paid Account You Can't Log In

04:55 Task System
"...will come soon."

04:57 Cooking Tutorial In Haven Is A Maybe

04:59 Throwing Weapons
"...will come to the game."

05:01 Haven Will Be Free To Play, But...
"...this is planned after the release."

05:05 You Can Increase Your Standing With Nations While Doing Duty For The Empire
"...sadly it isn't specified any further."

05:11 Name Reservation
coming soon, "will be announced next week."

05:14 Mortal Online 2 Will Also Come To The Epic Game Store

5:18 You Will Be Able To Upgrade Your Package

05:20 Some Titles Will Be Completely Hidden
"...and and it's on you to discover ow you can get them."

05:25 Option To Pay Your Sub Over The Star Vault Website
"... and I personally recommend that because from their website they get all the money; but, if you buy it over Steam, Steam eats..." (15-30%, conclusion unclear)... (SV uses) "it directly to the development" (of the game).

05:50 With The Thurser Clade Gift You Are Able To Get Into Risar Villages & Cities
"...and they won't attack you."

05:57 The Huergor Cave Will Have Some Restrictions For Entering
"i guess only Huergar can get in there or something like that; I don't know."

06:03 100 Crafting Skill
"...will give you the option to use very rare materials to make your weapon..." more unusual. "Henrik said stat-wise the same but more (nearly) unique in their appearance."

<Even for the guy who plays Speznat, the nearly-unique pink-or-red-haired Veela who is Queen of Tindrem, I just can NOT qualify the word 'unique' with 'more'.>

06:18 Henrik
" pretty sure that many New World players would try Mortal Online 2 if
they heard about that and many would stick to the game because because it fits more the sandbox aspect of a true open free MMORPG."

With the one-character system their reputation means more and people now think twice before they act like stupid maniacs" (as) "...was often the case in Mortal Online 1."

06:38 Less Toxic
"Henrik also said that the feedback from the community and also the toxicity and some harsh language is highly reduced for Mortal Online 2, now, so i guess all the little kids're grown up. i mean, i'm 25 now and i started Mortal Online 1 (at) 13 and I was always inciting people when they trash-talked me... yeah, good old times. I'm glad that they are over."

07:04 Diverse Interests
"There are also many players that just enjoy Crafting, Fishing, PvE, Dungeons Alchemy, some other stuff. For example there's only one percent of Alchemy recites discovered, so..."

07:14 Good Luck With Alchemy
"Yeah. Have a try; I wish you all good luck (link for the Alchemy tutorials in the (video) description, by the way."
Alchemy Tutorial:

07:19 House Foundations, Customizations, Options, Modules
"There will be one, two, three house foundations and then you can add more customizations and more options and more modules to your house."

07:26 Taking Attendance
"Henrik calculates a steady attendance of 1 000 players, but Henrik's big dream is to surpass 300,000 players someday. But, yeah, that is just a wet dream of all of us and we surely need more continents for that."

07:40 Marketing
Star Vault "...are planning more marketing campaigns. Henrik has also said that they (SV) have to shut down Mortal Online 1.


08:04 Improvements In Movement & Stuttering
" being worked on."

08:07 Only A Humble Fisherman
"Henrik wants to be a fisherman and to build a house in Mortal; maybe undercover, maybe not."

08:11 Fishing
"Planned for mid-December, Fishing will be a Profession Skill and most interesting in Fishing is that 99% of it is player knowledge of what bites`with what depth of your hook, which hook size, which line, where you catch your fish, how's the weather and some other stuff so you can became the fishing expert if you have the countless hours for that."

08:35 Sophistication System Rework
"...for gaining access to aome different NPC houses and stuff."

08:40 MP2 Works On Windows 11
"...someone in the chat confirmed."

08:41 Lykiator Designs Are Being Reworked

08:44 Riding On Terror Birds Will Be Possible
"... and on many other animals, but that is planned for much later, after release."

08:52 Molvas AKA Babuntas
"Molvas in the old Mortal were sometimes named 'Babuntas' because some artist forgot the name and he just named the file 'babunta'."

08:59 Bounty System
"...will come to the game."

09:00 Farming
"...will be added with city structures and so on."

09:03 The Colored Forest*
"...will have more wildlife."

09:05 No Bank Limit
is currently planned.

09:07 The Lootbag Timer
"...will maybe increase to 40 minutes."

09:12 Problems With The Enging
Star Vault "still have some problems with the engine, but it's much better than the one in Mortal Online 1."

09:18 Henrik Loves The Community
"--Content creators and all the other
people and he just wanted to say 'thanks' to all of you for your great support."

09:23 Stat Loss
"...will not come to the game."

09:26 The Arena & Garden District For Tindrem
"...will come soon."

09:30 Veterinary (Skill)
"...comes with the upcoming patches."

09:32 Some Big Very Rare Creatures Or One Time Spawns
" a big dragon or something like that can give you scars.
<Chicks dig scars.>

they are currently
09:39 Thrusting Underwater Attack?
"Star Vault are currently testing a thrusting underwater attack but they are not so sure if it works and how and and so on."

09:45 Most Important: Give Feedback
"... about which continent do you want to see next; I linked the thread in the (video description)."

* No, we will not be referring to the place as 'The Forest of Color'.
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List on the website updated:

Hi everyone, here is the summary of henriks latest stream with an interesting tour in about the arena and garden:
Loved seeing the Arena and other sights; another fun video to go with the details!

Stuff Henrik Said shortly after 0:17 in your summary video makes me happy-- the part about posting his Twitch streaming schedule on the actual website, along with links and his own TEXT summary of his announcements, his aspirations, and his answers to stream viewer questions.
I'm going to feel like I helped prod him into that plan.