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    We need stamina for combat pets

    Damn right they do. 100% agree with the suggestion.
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    1vs1: TTK too long?

    I think the time to kill is too long. I would like to see some penalties for spamming parries or mis-parries in the form of stamina taken increases with each parry (to combat spamming parries to keep up infinite parry window) aswell as a stamina regen penalty for a missed parry, as there is a...
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    Wich continent you wanna see Next?

    I chose Herabalter so we get Gaul Kor at the center of the map :cool:
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    Replacing resources

    Saburra in Fabernum must be a mistake, or their consistency is fucking ridiculous. Either way, the Saburra should be removed from Fabernum, it has Calx and Granum already.
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    New city Hyllspeia

    A horse spawn is sorely needed aswell. I would imagine Jotun horses be put there eventually, but a Steppe horse spawn in the meantime would help a lot to make the place a little more livable.
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    New Logout System Unacceptable

    I think it would be better with a no log-out zone in dungeons/keeps/POI's and if you manage to log out anyway you will be ported out, along with a 5 minute timer. As mentioned problem has always been players camping areas aswell as avoiding combat by logging. If they want to keep players online...
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    Extraction Timers

    Could just lower the yields to compensate for the lower extraction timers. For me it's worth having to run back and fourth more often than stand and look at a timer for several minutes, being active makes it less boring.
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    Extraction Timers

    If they can get it to work I wouldn't mind it. I agree the timer should be capped at 60 seconds. I would rather run back and fourth more often than be forced to sit 5 minutes to stare at the crusher/grinder.
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    Resource Distribution

    I think it would be alright to move the spiderqueens and place them somewhere in the south. Maybe they moved south during the turbulent times. I don't know if the Clothos maiden queen will be in the game, but if she is it might be alright to keep her in the north. For balancing maybe have her...
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    Introduce cast speed for mages + allow casting while moving

    I don't agree it's a good idea and the issue lies entirely on pre-kiting. It's bad enough with bows vs melee and would be even worse against magic where there is no stamina involved apart from the sprinting. I would rather they put focus on allowing players to dodge when you get caught (or very...
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    [Question] attack directions and damage types

    Only stabbing (down) do piercing, regardless of weapontype. All weapons have an amount of either piercing, slashing or blunt. Look at their stats and you will soon tell what weapons do their primary damage in what stat. Stats can also be altered depending on material, usually heavier materials...
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    The needful things - for beastmasters/tamers being viable

    What it needs the most is an overhaul in how handling the pet works. Active skills that you use to attack with (think spells for mages but for your pet) and a stamina bar, like everyone else has in the game, so they aren't just heatseeking missiles that you can return when they run into too much...
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    Updated Intelligence "Curve"

    It may amaze you but you can balance things without nerfing things to the ground. Even though that is the prefered method by starvault so I can understand the confusion.
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    Updated Intelligence "Curve"

    You are forgetting that hybrids don't have the mana pool or mana regen of pure mages, because they allocate points from psyche to strength, meaning they are sub-par mages. Granted, they hit as hard but went out of mana much earlier and had to wait much longer for it to regen than a mage would...
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    Beta Patch Notes Discussion

    Are you autistic or something? Why is it so infinitely important to have exact linear scaling on int? As has been stated several times now: There isn't enough attribute points to get enough intelligence for decent heals/dmg, aswell as keeping the attributes you have now. Something will have to...