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    I have discovered a vital issue that needs fixed immediately.

    cavelo is not italian, cavolo is :D
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    Need advice with profession to a tamer mage

    how are you building, skills-wise, your dex mage tamer? just curious :) are you putting some melee skill as well?
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    Anatomy skill

    i confirm about anatomy, i asked about it on discord and a few guys told me it boosts the healing value from bandages :)
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    Are Pure Mages really Useless ?

    sounds cool, wanna share the build? :)
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    Please remove this 30 minutes log out system.

    i think it's great
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    My guy can max at 87 str.

    yeah sorry it was very late and were going to sleep ahah!
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    My guy can max at 87 str.

    as you can see in the screen you can have str 87 and dex 110, that means that you increased the weight up to Stout modifier, a 33y sheevra/veela should have 82str 115dex when fit ("normal" weight modifier), Stout modifier gets you +5str -5dex, do your math and you'll understand it :D
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    Where are servers located?

    no i mean london, uk
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    Remove skill cap for crafting

    professional crafters will surely be around, they will accept requests and satisfy you for sure. your guildies just do it now cause it's easy, cause skilling up is 100x faster, we'll see once we get persistent :D
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    Remove skill cap for crafting

    Because you said that your guildies don't like crafting. so why do they should feel forced to do it? just tell em to buy the equipment they need, keep the economy up. it's just like saying that someone doesn't like fighting, yeah Actions skills are a freebie but what if someone just doesn't...
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    Remove skill cap for crafting

    why even play mmoRPG games if you want to do everything by yourself? just play something like rust or tarkov instead if your comrades don't want to craft cause they don't like it, then DON'T. just BUY your stuff from people, let the game be economy driven as it is supposed to be.
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    Leveling speed in the beta

    imho macroing shouldn't be allowed, it's unfair towards people who can't leave their pc on all the time, i never macroed even tho i could have done it yeah 10k sounds too much indeed
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    Leveling speed in the beta

    what does even "pvp viable" mean? is that like "having all skills at 80" ? if it's something around that, it's something that players decide, if EVERYONE fights with skills at 30, they are all on the same boat you want better skills? just train this is not chivalry or any other game where...