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    How can I get a refund?

    Put in a support ticket with steam unless u bought into beta then you have to put in a ticket with SV and good luck with that lol
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    Don’t Sit in The Queue

    oh and a good idea to give your gpu a break after running at 100% in the queue
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    Don’t Sit in The Queue

    Zenith the last city just released, thats my plan for the weekend, Have a good one.
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    Just need to relaunch at this point.

    Bwhahaha this guy told you to grow up
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    What Kind of Game is Mortal Online II

    Game took a serious u-turn with the introduction of Rep and standing from what i understood that was always meant to be the players job. When it was added if completely removes so many aspects of the game and the community that it changed what the game was meant to be and how it will be played...
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    What Kind of Game is Mortal Online II

    It is far from what it could have been
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    Next Festival/Tournament rule/gear restriction discussion

    Or all could be naked and have a staring contest with no keyboard touching