A Living World

Next Generation PvE/AI in Mortal Online 2

In Mortal Online 2 we are pushing the PvE experience greatly from Mortal Online 1.

We have 3 tiers of Ai in Mortal Online 2, the first more basic behaviour for animals, the second tier is advanced AI with humanoid group behaviours, leaders and bosses that is currently being implemented. The third tier is further development of World encounters such as titans and dragons.

The basic behaviour for the AI is not so basic anymore. Animals have a few factors that play an impact in player vs animals. An animal can hear or see you depending on what type of creature it can have very bad eyesight but good hearing, or a mix between them. Player movement and gear, skills and gifts affect this. Sight is pretty much what you would expect, a cone in front of the creature, if you are behind it, it wont see you.

A pack leader of a wolf for instance has an important role to make sure its pack survives. It scouts the surroundings of threats or prey, and will alert its pack if it sees a threat.

A leader of a wisent hord will alert it to flee if it detects danger.

The more advanced tier 2 AI behaviour is more utilized on humanoids and clever creatures in the world. This makes a group of bandits act in the same rules and terms as a player group. An example is a mage may be weak vs melee and will keep its distance and make sure to heal and purify its friends in his group. Rangers will also keep its distance to make best use of his bow. A melee fighter will keep up close to the enemies and keep their healers safe while they can also use bandages and potions just like a player. All humanoids now also use stamina and mana which means they have to mana and stamina management as a player would have to. This will continue to be evolved over time the more functions a player gets the more functions a npc also gets. The next part in tier 2 is the bosses we are implementing now as well. A perfect golden example of this is our old troll from our pre prototype in Mortal Online 1 over 15 years ago. That was an ambitious goal and vision for our future AI but we never were able to reach such complex systems over a real time combat system in a large-scale one world mmorpg solution. Today we are very proud to finally make this dream come true. We now present to our players our troll as we wanted it to behave many many years ago in a large mmorpg real time combat solution. This will be tested already in the next beta patch and we will continue to polish it over time and add more functions over time. A troll is a powerful creature that can not only utilize tier 1 and 2 of behaviours but also interact with players in a new way. Our troll can pick up a player and do different things with the players. You can expect to see this be refined over time and more variations to give an exciting pve experience not seen before in a sandbox mmorpg.

Tier 3 Ai comes later, this is to give full support to our grand creature that has a huge impact on the world and its players. An example of this is our titans or dragons, these are majestic huge creature with custom collision that allow players to play under and on them, Obviously the tier 3 ai can utilize all behaviours above but is also custom built to offer a unique experience not only to the players but to the world of Nave. Obviously it won’t be an easy task to take down such a beast and there could be cases where it doesn’t go down, its fate is up to the players. Its death can also have a great impact in the world such as rewarding a location or players with a natural

The Hunt of a Lifetime

Mortal Online 2 has rich variety of creatures, characters and monsters to battle. Travel into deep dungeons to fight well organized foes that communicate and work in groups.

Or go into deep forests and truly hunt wildlife using stealth and planning.
But don’t over hunt or you could end up killing an entire herd making it difficult to find your next prey.
Herds in Mortal Online 2 move around the the world in groups, no more simply going to the same location and kill everything you see, instead you need to use you skill and knowledge to find good groups to hunt.

Mortal Online 2 also features a invasion system that randomly starts invasions of monsters or human groups.
These groups build settlements and grow as time passes. If left alone for too long they will even attack cities!

Players must group together to take out invasions before they overwhelm the lands making it difficult to trade or travel.

The world of Nave is also home to horrible and fantastical creatures. Large creatures that require large groups and preparation to take down. Some of the largest of these creatures only spawn once and once killed they never come back.