Mortal Online 2

a living world

The Hunt of a Lifetime

Mortal Online 2 has rich variety of creatures, characters and monsters to fight in epic battles.

Animals can not only see you in a realistic cone of vision based on the placement of its eyes, but also hear you. The distance you can be heard from varies based on how fast you are moving, any relevant skills or clade gifts, and what type of equipment you are carrying, with plate armor being the loudest.

Some creatures may have terrible eyesight but exceptional hearing, vice versa or a mix of both. Travel into deep dungeons to fight well organized foes that communicate and work in groups, or into deep forests and truly hunt wildlife using stealth and planning.

Conquer Massive Foes

The world of Nave is also home to fantastical and enormous creatures that require large groups and preparation to take down.

A golden example of this is the troll, which is a powerful creature that can interact with players in unique ways, such as picking up a player while they are alive and doing different things with them.

These unique and interesting interactions give an exciting PvE experience not seen before in a sandbox MMORPG.

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