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Next generation graphics

Mortal Online 2 utilizes the award winning next generation graphics engine Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games.
We have further enhanced the engine to support the massive world we are creating. It’s been a huge challenged but we are very happy with the results and are very excited to see how much further we can push this cutting edge technology.
The engine effectively and beautifully renders massive landscapes filled with hundreds of creatures, humans and players.

We are also looking at the latest Nvidia technology (Raytracing, DLSS etc) and plan to explore and hopefully fully support this new leap in graphical fidelity.
A lot of people have also asked us about Nvidias GeForce NOW and yes, we will add NOW support for Mortal Online 2 once the game is live on steam.

This year Epic announced their next engine (Unreal Engine 5) and we are prepared to switch to that engine once it’s live and stable.