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December 6, 2023

Greetings Mortals,

With the UE5 update now live, it is time to look ahead toward the next development roadmap.

This post lists of all the items you can expect to see when voting for what will be on our upcoming roadmap, separated into categories and with a short description of each one.

Each of these items can require vastly different amounts of time investment to implement, which we will try to convey when it comes time to vote on them in the near future. 

Main Features

Second Character

Create a second character which shares some aspects of your first character, such as nation standing.

Veteran System

Expansion of long term progression, allowing you to slowly earn more points to spend in the Action and Profession skills. Becomes available after reaching Clade level 20.

Dimension Run (Placeholder name)

Open a portal to another dimensional plane and compete against another equally sized team of players to gather loot and escape in time.


The ability to steal items from other player’s pockets with the correct skills and tools. Also includes poisoning weapons and traps.


Compete against other players in the Tindrem arena via structured matches, climbing the ranks and earning fame.

Guild Logo & Emblem Creation

Choose an emblem / crest / insignia for your guild, which can be displayed on structures your guild owns and placed on banners.


Introduce a new TC structure which allows you to plant seeds, tend to and grow plants to be harvested.


Breed animals of the same species to create new ones with combined traits such as coat color and pattern.

Dye System

Create mixtures from almost any material or item which can be used to dye equipment and change the color of secondary components such as cloth.


Wagons allow you to store and transport substantial weights of resources, items and even players.


Construct and sail ships. Includes many new water based POIs and an overhaul of the rivers to enable water and ocean travel.


Weapon Abilities

Add new unique attacks and actions for each type of weapon, including bows.

Some examples may be the ability to cleave through multiple targets with one swing of an axe, performing a much heavier and stronger attack with clubs, or temporarily being able to parry with a bow in your hands.

Combat Polish & Small Additions

Improve the core combat experience via general polish and additional mechanics such as:

  • Charge Blink Allows Riposte-Speed-Feint

    Add the ability to feint and quickly attack after the charge circle blink. This allows attacking with riposte speed from neutral without requiring a parry, but requires a long charge time. 

  • Game Input Improvement

    Overhaul game inputs so held keys register as soon as an action is possible, allowing you to do things like queue up a new attack while waiting for your current swing to end.

  • Dismemberment

    Add the ability to remove limbs on killing blows with suitable weapons.

  • Combat Animation Polish
    Improve fluidity of combat actions.
  • Additional Combat Keybind Options
    Add more options for binding combat actions to different keys, as well as new functionality such as “Feint-or-Parry” which allows feinting and parrying with the same button, or binding magic casting to the mouse buttons when your weapon is sheathed while still being able to perform melee attacks when your weapon is drawn.

Roleplay / Social

Tavern Board Games

Introduce playable tabletop games such as blackjack and poker in town taverns, also allowing you to bet gold on and watch other player’s games.

Face Over IP

Add “Face over IP” which will make your character’s facial expression and mouth movements mimic yours using facial tracking.

More Emotes

Add additional emotes and movements you can perform to better express yourself.

VR Support (with Mouse and Keyboard)

Add support for playing the game using a VR headset. (Does not include VR motion controller support)

Player Gear

New Weapons

Add either a new weapon type such as Fist Weapons, or additional weapon heads and handles to the existing weapon groups.


Add crossbows to the game.

Throwing Weapons

Introduce throwing weapons to the game.

Dual Wielding Weapons

Add the ability to hold and attack with two weapons, one in each hand.

New Armor Set

Introduce a new craftable armor set.

Offhand Torch

Add the ability to hold a torch in your off hand. (Does not include fighting with two weapons)

More Rideable Creatures

Make more of the existing creatures rideable.

Territory Control

Relic System

Introduce Relics, which players can compete to hold using a new TC structure called a Reliquary. 

Relics fall from the sky every so often, and can be powerful usable items such as weapons and armor, or items which provide boons to the guild holding them.

Relics can not be stored in the bank or logged out with.

New TC Structures / Services

Add new TC structures that provide new services to player settlements such as the Broker which allows trading, as well as other miscellaneous static structures such as a dueling arena platform.


New Dungeon

Add a new full sized dungeon to the world.

New POIs

Add many new Points of Interest to the world, favoring areas which are currently sparse.

New Creature

Introduce a new creature to the world of Nave.

Magic Schools

Staff Magic


Staff mages not only use their staves to concetrate or amplify their spells, but also as formidable melee weapons.



Masters of musicality, the Harmonist uses instruments and sounds to influence the world in mystical ways. Harmonists are able to elevate the resolve of their allies and instill feebleness in the weak minded.



Mentalists have full control over modifying their body to adapt to any situation, such as transforming their skin into various materials to protect themselves from different threats, or dispersing and reassembling their physical body to escape or quickly move short distances, while the greatest Mentalists have even been seen levitating.



With targeted sounds and visual magical effects, Illusionists have the power to manipulate perception and are masters of disguise. Master illusionists have been seen vanishing in plain sight or even making a perfect copy of themselves to fool those around them. Many master thieves learn Illusionism, as confused or distracted are qualities of an easy target.



Animists are able to transform parts of their body to take on forms of various creatures and beasts, to perform feats beyond the abilities of their normal bodies. Animists also establish closer bonds with their pets, drawing from and improving on their individual strengths.

 See you in Nave,

The Star Vault Team

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