Mortal Online 2

Combat Alpha Patch Notes

November 18, 2020


  • Added two new daggers.
  • Added new emotes (use command `/emote` in local chat to list them)
  • Added a cloud of dust when arrows hit ground/objects.
  • Added so fired arrows spawns on other clients as well.
  • Added second moon.
  • Added Oghmirs as playable race.
  • Added Springboks to forest areas.
  • Added woodcutting.
  • Added mining.
  • Added extraction devices.
  • Added skinning system.
  • Added refining system.
  • Added support for fleeing AI.
  • Added banks to all cities.
  • Added Khurite forest biome.
  • Added the cities Vadda, Bakti and Moh-ki.


  • Adjusted mouse and keyboard input. (making input more responsive and smooth on some systems)
  • Adjusted bow “reload” so that players can charge the next arrow as soon as it appears.
  • Adjusted female idle pose.
  • Clients now synchronize game clock once every minute.
  • Clients now re-attempt to synchronize game clock if response time is bad after login.
  • Disabled cloth physics on cape and banner in first person to avoid having the cloth enter the player view.
  • Made player on-death dissolve effect cheaper.
  • Added logout and exit transition screen fade.
  • Some emotes and actions have been updated / polished.
  • Emotes and skills now properly exit their states with an animation. (still some polish to do)
  • All hairstyle physics have been polished.
  • Changed so that arrows that hit players and other entities now has a shorter lifespan.
  • Update light intensity at night.
  • Updated dissolve effect, seam removed.
  • You now regain stamina when standing still in water.
  • Resting will now show the total time until you are fully healed.
  • Resting now ends if you give input.


  • Fixed issue where game clock synchronization would not interpolate properly and some players would be way off time for quite some time (resulting in invisible swings and other issues)
  • Fixed issue in click-drag input that would not register direction properly if user clicked without dragging far enough.
  • Fixed issue where players would be in a static running pose when logging in.
  • Fixed issue where character ears would stick out through helmet after resurrect.
  • Fixed issue where character proportions would change after resurrect.
  • Fixed issue where character would not stand on ground after resurrect.
  • Fixed issue where breast physics would stop after resurrect.
  • Fixed transition from thrust to left swing after hitting an enemy with Sword and Shield.
  • Fixed hitch in Axe2H idle – Fixed weather related crash.
  • Fixed logout and exit game crashes.
  • Archery combat should now drain stamina correctly while holding a charge.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the arrow to gain extra damage if held longer after reaching full charge.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the torch fire to stay after the torch was unequipped.
  • Using goto priest or home button now waits until everything is loaded before fading out.
  • Fixed a node crash.
  • Fixed login issue that would leave the login server in a bad state for 30 sec.
  • NPC’s now resurrect.
  • Fixed issue on the server that would limit traffic in a really bad way.
  • Fixed rare client crash.
  • Fixed a couple of collision issues when dead.

Known Issues:

  • Ai is still work in progress.
  • Not all resources can be mined or woodcut yet.
  • Material skill gains from extraction not fully working.
  • Some materials are missing icons.
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