Mortal Online 2

Beta Patch Notes

November 1, 2021

A lot of AI updates, etherworld combat and guild wars. Patch has something for everyone.



  • Added Skin complexion for human clade and veelas
  • Added Guild Wars
  • Spiritism and Etherworld combat.
  • Added press extraction devices to all cities.
  • Added Task NPC’s to all cities
  • Added Snapping Turtles to the Jungle Beaches.
  • Added Coralis Crabs to the Jungle Beaches.
  • Added Spirits to the Etherworld that can be drawn out with the spell transcendental seance.
    Added the last of the Spiritism magic school spells.
  • Added a new butcher building to Meduli.
  • Added carapace materials to armor crafting.
  • AI now tries to avoid others while moving around, a.k.a. “crowd movement”. Improvements will mostly be seen in combat. This first iteration is a bit rough and we will continue to improve upon it.


  • Reduced hearing and sight of the minotaur king to make it easier to get a group into the room.
  • Improved AI target scanning to avoid AI starting attacks on targets that are outside of the leash.
  • Updated Sator animations.
  • Pets are now guild flagged.
  • Guild Enemies now show up as red.
  • Updated AI navmesh in Sewers and Minotaur dungeons.
  • Minotaur King’s Berserk animation updated.
  • Pig cooking values decreased.
  • Springbok cooking values increased.
  • Updated world distance fog.
  • Updated colors in the world.
  • Increased daylight intensity.
  • Increased contrast in the world.
  • Adjusted fog in Gaul Kor.
  • Visual updates to Morin Khur.
  • Creating a guild, starting a guild war and ending a guild war now fanfare.
  • Using Transcendental seance now always fails if you are alive when doing it.
  • All guild messages are now localizable.
  • Loot bags are now guild flagged.
  • Expanded Meduli bank building.
  • Mounts are now very cautious when riding inside dungeons and caves and won’t move faster than slowest speed.
  • The AI movement has been refactored with various improvements. See fixes for more information.
  • Players can no longer charge a bow or release arrows while standing too close to a wall. Doing so will cancel the action. The cancel will be replaced with a temporary block in the next update. Please report if the shoot-through-wall exploit can still be done.
  • Added new bank locations in Fabernum and Haven.
  • Optimized character method for finding look-at targets to save a few CPU cycles.
  • Re-enabled dynamic movement prediction based on player speed so that other players don’t get bouncy movement when they stop moving.
  • Reduced prediction amount when jumping to reduce sudden unexpected movements.
  • Optimized CPU usage for undeads by removing unused animation behavior.
  • Bandits and Risars can now feint attacks.


  • Horses no longer stop on small objects/edges.
  • Lictors now correctly spot criminals and give standing loss.
  • Guild Friends and guild friends’ pets no longer count as illegal to damage. This means that the “can become a criminal” option will not stop you from damaging these.
  • Fixed Bandit Sewer Leader not moving.
  • You no longer get login messages telling you what pets are stabled or sold.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in a wall in the Minotaur Dungeon boss room.
  • Tweaked movement for AI. This should reduce AI that are standing inside other AI while attacking you when you are attacked by more than 1 AI.
  • Pets that timeout on the broker will now go back to the stable.
  • AI now slows down and settles in place faster at their stop location.
  • AI no longer lags behind when traversing steep slopes.
  • AI no longer speeds up briefly when getting close to their enemy in combat.
  • Disabled strafing for undead. Strafing caused undead to not face their movement direction when engaging players, causing sliding and moon walking.
  • AI is now better limited in how far up and down it can spot targets.
  • Guards should no longer enter the Tindrem sewers.
  • AI movement is now less jerky due to improved calculations for speed and acceleration in path follow behavior.
  • AI look-at has been improved while moving and/or targeting opponents.
  • AI now properly settles in their heading direction when stopping during patrol.
  • Guards could previously stop at a point and look sideways until moving on.
  • Fixed landscape hole in Tindrem.
  • Players will now be pushed away from NPCs and creatures if they end up standing inside them.
  • Bandits and Risars AI will no longer get locked up in blocking/nothing states when a player attacks them very fast.


Known Issues:

  • Some particles and sound effects from NPCs and creatures leak into the etherworld. For example the troll will be very noticable. We are working on piping all the effects through the same path to be able to filter them effectively.

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