Mortal Online 2

Beta Patch Notes

October 16, 2021

It’s time to take on the mighty Minotaurs and experience the Tindrem gardens.



  • Added Tindrem sewers.
  • Added Tindrem Arena District.
  • Added Tindrem Garden.
  • Added mana regeneration to statistics.
  • Added Minotaur King.
  • Added Minotaur Guards.
  • Added Pet Broker.
  • Added more titles.


  • Reverted changes to player movement updates in previous patch to see if the occasional jitter/stutter in player movement is related to those changes.
  • Optimized the Jungle area to reduce stuttering.
  • Small horse bags now have their correct look.
  • Updated navmesh in Morin Khur area.
  • Character creation’s weight sliders min value is now 70%(skinny) and max is 180%(bulging).
  • AI that goes into hiding after appearing will now regenerate their health.
  • Increased the distance that you see AI animations at.
  • Reduced chance for the horse idle head shake to happen as it was too repetitive.
  • Mount/dismount silent stun timer decreased.
  • ‘Interaction timer’ now only progresses when not ‘silently stunned’ (e.g. after bandaging, dismounting etc.) but no longer gets cancelled. This means you can now simply hold down the ‘Interact’ button without needing to refresh it.
  • Pet bags will no longer close when riding.
  • When guards start attacking you, you lose reputation with that nation. This can only occur once every 5 minutes and resets on death.
  • High level creatures are now harder to tame, and low level creatures easier.
  • Changed armor weight stamina regeneration penalty to be a curve, which is more forgiving on low and medium weights


  • Issues with the broker should now be sorted.
  • Removed a large hitch that happened when going from sprinting to jogging in combat mode.
  • Fixed crash related to loading a player with a bow.
  • Fixed issue with titles. They should now update properly in the UI.
  • Fixed roughness values on Conifer tree Billboards which were causing graphical issues when using low AA settings.
  • Fixed issue where large black spots could appear on screen at times (was related to volumetric clouds).
  • Fixed missing texture on pillar in Meduli docks.
  • Fixed Oghmir clade gifts ‘hefty’ and ‘strong willed’ being switched around.
  • Possibly solved ‘randomly getting hit by nothing and taking no damage’ bug (report if you still experience this).
  • Fixed issue with item quantities not showing in trades.
  • Fixed attacks bouncing off AI characters if they had previously blocked in that direction, even if they were not currently blocking.
  • Fixed issue where you could place items in pets which you did not own, even if they didn’t have bags equipped.
  • Fixed minor visual bug when attempting to place stolen items in bags (it’s not possible).
  • Fixed issue where you were able to use bandages, potions & ichor pipe all at the same time.
  • Fixed issue whereas Mana recovered while resting was not impacted by armor weight.
  • Adjusted streaming bounds to mitigate hitch around bridge near Fabernum GY.
  • Fixed issue where Warcries’ cooldowns were not getting applied correctly if you were not the original caster.
  • Improved collision on windmill in Hyllspeia.
  • Fixed an issue where Mana regen could get lower than the intended minimum at certain armor weights.
  • Temporarily disabled ‘overflowed skills button’ for a few seconds after pressing it (to avoid the rare issue where clicking multiple times drains too many points).
  • Fixed an issue where the interaction circle would sometimes get stuck after interacting.
  • Attempting to drink potions while in combat mode will no longer re-enter combat automatically.
  • Eating food while in combat mode will no longer re-enter combat automatically.
  • AI now handles appearing from hidden in a better way.
  • Fixed a wall that could be jumped inside of in Meduli.
  • Bags now fit better on Taurdogs.
  • Adjusted light in Sator Dungeon.
  • Fixed issues with logout areas being way too big.
  • Fixed taming chance calculations when taming as the risk of failure was way too high.


Known Issues:

  • Some particles and sound effects from NPCs and creatures leak into the etherworld. For example the troll will be very noticable. We are working on piping all the effects through the same path to be able to filter them effectively.

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