Mortal Online 2

Beta Patch Notes

August 16, 2021

New magic spells and pet equipment are finally added to Mortal Online 2.


  • Added Spiritism spells: Mental healing, Resurrect, Mental projectile, Ether momentum, Transcendental awareness
  • Added spirit boxes to the Magic Vendor.
  • Added support for AI teleport attacks
  • Added pet equipment crafting, pet armor weight impacts the speed, turn radius and stamina drain.
  • You can now learn skills by simply using a workbench for the first time.
  • Added Stamina regeneration modifier to statistics.
  • Opening & dragging windows/containers will now place them on top of other windows
  • Right-Click overrides will now check for the most-relevant window(newly opened, newly dragged) where multiple Right-Click overrides were possible.
  • Added a right-click override to broker sell panel(right-click an item to replace ‘sell-item’ slot)
  • Added tooltips for skills & cladegifts to actionbars
  • Added new Armor weight stamina penalty scaling, it’s linear now, and slightly decreased compared to previously
  • Added Mail system(still Work-In-Progress)
  • Horse idle variations.
  • Added new city Hyllspeia.
  • Added Postal Service NPC’s to all Cities.


  • Improved tamed pet following behavior
  • Made a couple of UI animation changes
  • New players now start with the starting sword equipped
  • Several UI font changes has been done to improve readability
  • Made some changes in Haven in preparation for the coming tutorials
  • Updated EAC and EOS
  • Pets now have one slot to add pet equipment to
  • Basic spellbooks now contain spiritism spells. (You need to get an updated book from the Magic Vendor)
  • Fixed AI with equipment and special attacks
  • You can no longer change pet equipment while mounted
  • New movement and idle animations for players in the etherworld. No more bouncy running.
  • Humanoid ragdolls are now more rigid and stable.
  • Opening some UI-windows, such as when interacting with vendors or crafting equipment, will now auto-open the inventory.
  • Players now have their proper appearance in the etherworld (no more transparent ghost figure).
  • All players, including the local player, are now fully respawned instead of being regenerated on the client when travelling between dead and living.
  • The player death and resurrect sequence when travelling between worlds is now better synchronized between clients.
  • Player position network updates have been changed to follow the same standards as the AI. You might spawn a bit in the air when logging in the first time this patch. This update might fix the issue with floating horses after dismount but will have to be tested further.
  • Armor equip and unequip sequences will no longer play on the paperdoll.
  • Added more forgiving weight class message when eating(it appears sooner than before, making it easier to avoid accidental weight class change).
  • Update physics-related plugin. This could improve stability with some of the character physics (hair, armor and pp).
  • Lowered Bone Tissue hardness.
  • Lowered Bone Tissue durability.
  • Lowered Emalj Sharpness.
  • Lowered Emalj hardness.
  • Lowered Emalj durability.
  • Lowered Ironbone hardness.
  • Lowered Ironbone durability.
  • The starter short sword is now lighter and faster to swing.
  • Resource distribution clean up. (Work in progress)
  • We have disabled cutting of limbs / decapitations due to a crash related to hiding body parts when a character is killed. We expect it to be re-enabled again by next patch.


  • Fixed pet following speed calculation
  • Fixed ‘All Pets’ feeding issue
  • Fixed ‘All Pets’ panel showing the wrong levels for pets
  • Fixed ‘bad quality’ message while woodcutting
  • Fixed tooltips in cooking
  • Fixed ‘Pet’ took {2} damage msg
  • Fixed Mind blast spell info, it will no longer say it ‘heals for 0’
  • Hole in horse head in low LOD fixed
  • Fixed an issue that caused spells effects to not dissipate/stop correctly when cancelled
  • Magic spells when interrupted/cancel should now use correct anim
  • Emotes should now work properly in the etherworld without messing with the player camera input.
  • Character spawn and despawn procedure refactored. This fixes some crashes that happened when players died or resurrected.
  • Fixed crash in weather manager when entering or leaving etherworld.
  • Fixed crash when touching a damage volume.
  • Fixed crash when the game is trying to determine if the player is allowed to log out.
  • Fixed crash when the game tried to use arrows when no bow was present.
  • Fixed crash when sending a bug with the bug report window.
  • Fixed issue with dead players being able to hear living players when they login or resurrect.
  • Fixed issue with hair and beard sticking through helmet on other players after resurrecting from the etherworld.
  • Fixed issue with harness being invisible on other players after resurrecting from the etherworld.
  • Hornpepper seeds and Gamun seeds can now be further extracted.
  • Fixed issue with pets eating too much food.
  • Landscape Fixes.

Known Issues:

  • Some particles and sound effects from NPCs and creatures leaks into the etherworld. For example the troll will be very noticeable. We are working on piping all the effects through the same path to be able to filter them effectively.
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