Mortal Online 2

Beta Patch Notes

December 2, 2021

New skills, a new boss and a lot of bug fixes.


  • Added player houses.
  • Added keeps. You can claim a keep by upgrading a ruined keep using a keep deed.
  • Added support for shared buildings. Shared buildings are buildings in the world any player can help build.
  • Added House Vendors to all cities.
  • Added Keep Vendors to Tindrem and Morin Khur
  • Added Urials.
  • Added Terror Birds.
  • Added a third set of beards and hairstyles to character creation.
  • Added scrolls category for the broker.
  • Added Clothos Maiden Queen.
  • Added the Bloodsilk Lore book to a special NPC.
  • Added a ‘Support’ button to the game’s launcher.
  • Added more wildlife to the world.
  • Damage dealt to and received from AI will now be affected by the player’s Zoology skill of that family (except humans, alvarin, oghmir, thursar).
  • You can now see your weight class in character creation.
  • You can safely log out while inside houses/keeps.


  • Nation tattoos replaced with clade tattoos in character creation. This will unfortunately scramble the choice of tattoos on existing characters. We are doing another update to the tattoo selection in the next patch and so do not recommend rerolling for character tattoos until then.
  • Split stack window now closes when the container closes.
  • Texture quality options have been adjusted. Texture streaming pools have been reduced for all quality levels. CPU to GPU amortization enabled for all quality levels. These changes were done to see if it reduces game stutter and VRAM-related crashes.
  • Oghmir clade gift ‘Equipoise’ now increases chance to resist knockdown by 15%.
  • Rain is now a bit easier to notice overall.
  • Increased mounting distance slightly (sometimes you’d get stuck, requiring gm assistance).
  • You will now see more accurate taming level requirements.
  • Updated UI when moving from Haven to Myrland.
  • You will now transfer only the selected items to the bank of the starter city that you travel to.
  • You will no longer fizzle spells that you are already casting by trying to cast it again before it is ready.
  • Sator creature animation overhaul.
  • You can now only report the top 3 damage dealers and the final killer for murder.
  • Adjusted the stat balance between different horse types.
  • You no longer get standing from killing AI from different nations.
  • Lowered task standing rewards
  • Skills set to level down now visually increase the ‘available points’ in the skill tree


  • You can no longer use bandages while casting magic.
  • You can no longer dismount a horse if there is a wall in the way, but can of course dismount on the other side of the horse.
  • Fixed issue where some AOE attacks from AI wouldn’t correctly come from the AI.
  • Fixed crash related to turning off the UI with F10.
  • Fixed crash when destroying things from the character sheet.
  • Fixed a couple of the nodeline issues, mainly issues connected to the Jungle.
  • Pet crafting now resets when you swap pet types.
  • Fixed tooltips in the extraction UI.
  • Fixed issue when destroying items, sometimes turning the item slot upside down permanently.
  • Fixed issue with taming which made it much harder than intended when taming difficult pets.
  • Scribing UI is now draggable, closes when esc is pressed, and you can right-click your spellbook to the proper slot.
  • Fixed “the alchemist” title being to the left of the name.
  • Fixed Haven city select statue putting you in the wrong instance (e.g. when you picked instance 15 you’d get put in 1).
  • Improved descriptions for stats in character creation and the character window.
  • Titles no longer display on the player and target frames.
  • Mounts no longer try to avoid obstacles when standing still.
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to control a mount when dead.
  • Fixed mana regen tooltip.
  • Fixed a bug where you could access some UI from too far away.
  • Fixed inaccuracy on item tooltips weight.
  • Fixed fanfare visibility blocking UI.
  • Fixed visibility issue in the skill tree where a clade gift’s bonus was showing on unlearned skills.
  • Fixed issue with feeding pets health food, which would give large amounts of health even if you gave the pet just one unit.
  • Made some server changes to avoid nodes crashing with a lot of players.
  • Fixed several server crashes.
  • Fixed voip issue when standing still and rotating your camera you could still not hear people properly unless your body actually rotated
  • Changing resolution now resets UI positions(very often some UI would end up outside your screen when changing resolution)


Known Issues:

  • House chest containers in early stages, has some ui issues. Relog may fix issues involving items that do not delete from inventory.
  • Illusionist doors still does not open every time you kill the illusionist.

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