Mortal Online 2

Beta Patch Notes

March 24, 2021


  • Tutors added, they can give you skills and a little boost to get you started.
  • Added the option to mute all help chat.
  • Added carry weight values to inventory.
  • Added tooltip with modifiers to carry weight in inventory.
  • Added chat setting ‘Disable Help Chat’
  • Added water volumes rivers on Myrland and Haven.
  • Added a map, new players start with the haven map and press M to open it.
  • Added title tooltips.
  • Added heads and corpses to player loot.
  • Added feature that stops you from accidentally hitting players that are innocent. By default this feature is on.
  • Added checkbox “Can Become Criminal” in gameplay.
  • Added new hints.
  • Map of Haven added as new starter item. Pressing M while you have a map or right clicking the map will open it.


  • Updated the login message UI.
  • Light intensity at night reduced a bit in myrland/haven.
  • Update NPC dialogue window.
  • You should no longer be able to attack someone with your pet on haven.
  • Haven now features a leaving statue for each city so that players can choose were to go when leaving Haven.
  • Haven statues re-arranged.
  • Updated char-creation clade descriptions.
  • Haven now has haven banks that you can only add items to if you are on haven. Once you leave haven you can only take items out of these banks.
  • You can no longer loot innocent player’s loot on haven.
  • Update all clade descriptions in character customization.
  • More spawners added/tweaked both on Myrland and Haven.
  • Removed Amethysts and Topazes from bandits on Haven.


  • Fixed issues with the login queue message.
  • Fixed haven priests that couldn’t be set as home priest.
  • Fixed glitch that made it so that AI could deal one last hit when they died.
  • Fixed skillpoints not updating in the ui correctly.
  • Fixed issue with mounts following you if you failed to tame them.
  • Fixed issues with guards murdering mounts when you tried to tame them.
  • Fixed names on all the Haven leave statues.
  • Fixed typos in titles.
  • Possible fix for mount related crash.
  • Fixed issues with player lootbags having a very short timer.
  • Possible fix for ai related crash.
  • Fixed exiled title having a odd description.
  • Ordering the mount to move should now Fizzle spells when precasting.
  • The Interaction text should now not disappear when looking at for example trees.
  • Crafting should now not block you from using materials that you learn the skill for on use.
  • Fixed bug where pet level lock always showed locked state.
  • Spellbook descriptions now scale to fit.
  • Fixed world loot issue with items spawning way to fast.

Known issues:

  • A lot of Ai spawners are still missing.
  • Login button is disabled without telling the user why if Steam is not running when starting the game.
  • There is no animation for mounting or dismounting a horse and the player will teleport onto the horse.
  • You can enter combat but not use melee weapons while mounted.
  • Oddities can still occur while riding.
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