Mortal Online 2

Why will Mortal Online 2 have a subscription model?

August 29, 2022

Greetings Mortals,

One recurring topic that people often have questions about is why Mortal Online 2 will have a subscription model, so we thought it best to make an announcement explaining the reasons behind that decision, and why it’s the best monetisation option for our game. 

Why a subscription model?

At Star Vault we value the integrity of our game.

With a subscription model, we can ensure every player experiences the game on equal terms, as well as allowing us to continue developing the game and adding new content for many, many years to come. All without sacrificing or lowering the integrity of the game world and its player base.

A subscription model allows us to focus all of our resources into developing new content and features for the game, instead of constantly needing to create things like cosmetics for micro-transactions that don’t actually add to the game’s playable content.

In our game, almost every item is crafted by players, or dropped by something in the world. We see introducing cosmetic items as a missed opportunity to add that interesting new item for players to craft or find within the game world naturally, opposed to simply buying it with real money.

In Mortal Online 2, all of our clothes, armor, weapons and equipment visually show what materials they were made from, which players can use to learn valuable information about their opponents and how well equipped they are, or what weapons and tactics might be effective against them. Cosmetics that change the appearance of items within the world would break this feature.

In Mortal Online 2 you can be confident that anything you see another player wearing or holding can be crafted or found within the world organically, and that no players have any advantages they paid real money for.



Hopefully this has given some insight as to why we will use a subscription model, and we hope you can understand and agree with these reasons. Our ultimate goal is to provide the world with a fantastic and unique game that is worth playing.  


As a friendly reminder, we have still not activated the subscription for Mortal Online 2, and players are still free to play the game without needing a subscription until we do.

See you in Nave,

Star Vault

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