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Announcement | Regarding the Mortal Exodus Reveal

April 12, 2023


During his stream earlier today, Henrik revealed the trailer for Mortal Exodus, a new project based in the distant future of the same universe as Mortal Online 2.

We have seen that many in the MO2 community have expressed concerns and uncertainties about this announcement, and we know you all have many questions about it. 

Below are some key facts and a statement from Henrik that we hope will bring some clarity to the situation.


100% of the Mortal Online 2 dev team is focused on Territory Control and fixing bugs currently, and we are looking to further expand the team in bottleneck areas.

Mortal Exodus is not a sequel to Mortal Online 2 and it has not and won’t affect Mortal Online 2’s development in any way. Many systems and components made for MO2 are transferable and will be passed on to Mortal Exodus, which will be worked on by a different team. Mortal Exodus is a long term project for the future, that will help the development of MO2.

Mortal Online 2 is the most important focus of Star Vault and we are spending all our resources and focus on making sure we can deliver TC in a balanced and stable way. The next big milestone for MO2 is the UE5 transition and Epic Games Store release, which also includes populating Myrland with more AI, PoIs, an improved new player experience, lots of polish, new player recruitment (guild noticeboards) and an improved standing and criminal system.

Next week we are going to focus on a TC stream that will go through in more depth how the systems work and what can be expected. We are also planning to do a public test session to test TC and secure it before going live, which we will announce with the details when we are closer to this step.

– Henrik Nystrom

Greetings Mortals,

In addition to Henrik’s statement above, we wanted to make sure to further clarify a few things as we understand this is a sensitive turn of events for many people in the community. We want to assure you all that your voices are being heard, and we want to ensure as much as we can that everyone understands what this reveal means and how it will and will not affect MO2.

With that in mind, here are a few key points with elaborations:

  • When work is done on Mortal Exodus, it will be done with funds obtained specifically for this purpose, and will not be taken from MO2’s development budget or affect its progress in any way.
  • Mortal Exodus will only be worked on by a third party, not the MO2 team.

This is something we have seen much concern over after the announcement, that people are worried this new project will sap resources and developer time from MO2. This is not the case, and you can rest assured that MO2 will never be compromised due to the development of Mortal Exodus.

We want to be clear about the fact that these funds are obtained only for the purpose of developing Mortal Exodus, so it’s not funding that could have gone to MO2.

  • Mortal Exodus will be based in the same universe, but is a separate game to MO2.
  • Mortal Exodus is not MO3, it is essentially MO2 but in a different setting, using the same technology and systems.

We have seen a few people worried that this reveal means changes are coming to Mortal Online 2 such as the genre or theme. This is not true, and we want to make sure everyone knows that Mortal Online 2 will maintain its own identity forever.

  • Although we understand that many in the mo2 community are not partial to or excited for a sci-fi game, please know that our goal is to obtain more resources for MO2, which this project will allow for.

Mortal Exodus will be a by product that comes automatically from the development and creation of MO2, and the team building the systems used in the game.

Those same systems can then be used by an external team that makes use of what has been produced for MO2 to build a game set in the universe’s future that we can all benefit from.

Although we will be here for many years and Mortal Online 2 is far and away our main focus, we are very excited about the future of this new project and to see what it will offer fans of the genre.

  • We are currently focusing 100% on delivering TC followed by the epic games patch for MO2.

Next week Henrik plans to host a stream focused on the specifics of the new Territory Control mechanics, where he will explain all the different systems at play and how you might go about making your mark on the map of Myrland.

More news will come in the future, but for now hopefully this has cleared up some of the confusion and concerns we have seen about the reveal. 

See you in Nave,

The Star Vault Team

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