Mortal Online 2

Watch Our New Trailer!

August 5, 2022

Greetings Mortals,

Henrik revealed a new trailer for Mortal Online 2 during his stream yesterday, check it out below!

Why are we releasing this trailer now?

We created this trailer during the late beta period, and we intended to released it alongside the launch in January, however due to the issues we experienced at the time we decided it didn’t make sense to be promoting our game with a fancy new trailer while we weren’t happy with the experience being provided to new players. 

As such we also paused all our marketing promotions and turned off the tap for advertising until the game was in a healthier spot.

Since then, we have gotten closer to the Unreal Engine 5 migration and also releasing on a second platform, the EPIC Games Store. As we plan to have these two milestone events happen at the same time, this trailer, lovely as it may be, would look sadly quite out dated next to the stunning graphical leap Unreal Engine 5 will allow.

We now feel the game is in a much better place, and so we are releasing the trailer as it also more accurately describes the Mortal Online 2 experience than our old one. We will be creating a new trailer for the Unreal Engine 5 update, and we can’t wait to show you some in progress previews of how the world of Nave looks in this amazing new engine, so stay tuned for those in the near future. 

See you in Nave,

Star Vault

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