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Announcement | Myrland Instances & How They Work

February 10, 2022

Greetings Mortals,


We have taken down the servers and are currently deploying our new server setup with the Myrland alternate instances. This will most likely take a few hours to thoroughly set up and test before we can let everyone in.


Here is how the new instances will work:

  • There are four new alternate instances of Myrland, plus the original main server.
  • You will be able to choose a Myrland instance from the main menu.
  • You can try to login to any of the Myrland instances via the main menu, if you think the queue time is too long you can cancel and pick a new Myrland instance.
  • There is a two hour cool down when changing from one Myrland instance to another after you have successfully logged in.

This was done to prevent hop farming by cycling through the instances to fresh AI spawns or resources.

  • Placing buildings has been disabled while on any of the alternate instances.

This was done as these instances will eventually be replaced with new continents in the future, and deleting hundreds or thousands of peoples long term progress towards house building was not something we wanted to do. Building is still possible on the main Myrland server, and the presence of these additional instances should allow people who want to build to enter the main server at a reasonable rate compared to now. 

  • Trade and pet brokers, mail, and managing guilds has been disabled while on any of the alternate instances.

These functions will be added in the future. We understand that many players will find this disappointing that they cannot use these features on the alternate instances, however we did not want to delay the patch any longer as our first priority is to allow everyone still stuck in the queue to play the game.

We are also continuing to work on increasing the main capacity on Myrland, with some very promising improvements and optimizations in the works.


The full patch notes will be available when the patch goes live.


For more information, don’t forget to drop by Henrik’s stream later today!

Weekly Developer Stream | Into the Vault #47


See you in Nave,

Star Vault Team


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