Patch Notes


May 28, 2020

  • You can now open bags in banks by pressing ctrl + right click, added info to tooltip.


  • HUD messages should now always be on top of UI.
  • Made more UI windows movable.
  • Mounting with weapons now remove weapon and then mount instead of stopping you from mounting.
  • Max members for a guild is now 500.
  • The regeneration when resting now starts when your character is actually sitting down.
  • Tweaked Hunter Lizard attacks to be less spammy.
  • Optimized navmesh in Morin Khur area.
  • Taming Hunter Lizards should now have a higher success rate.


  • Stamina reserves should now be drained correctly.
  • Max stamina should now be affected by stamina reserves.
  • Fixed issue with crafting windows displaying the wrong resource material.
  • Fixed issue where if you killed AI from very far away you would not see them die.
  • Fixed bow crafting preview not showing composite material.
  • Fixed issue where using no catalyst in extraction could be better than using a catalyst.
  • Fixed collision issues on stone stairs near Morin Khur Graveyard.
  • Stealing items from loot now makes you criminal instead of just flagging you as grey.
  • You no longer need to relog to see spells in the first spellbook you buy.
  • Crafting Presets now work again.
  • Crash fix when moving an item.
  • Crash fix in unstuck me.
  • Crash fix when playing arrow hit effect.