Gaming Laptop for MO2 ??‍♂️


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May 29, 2020
Laptops are getting so much better its easy to run game and even video editing programs now without many issues.

Though i do want to point out that if you are looking to spend 2.5k or more you can easily get a desktop that will outperform most of the laptops around the same price.

Here's a build i did without a cass, PS and monitor.. A power supply for this system would be around 150-200 max. Cheap cases 100ish and monitor of your choice, ofc suggesting 144htz or more but that's my preference. Total cost of this build would be around 2.7k with a decent monitor. A great monitor would only be another 2 hundo...

Once again i highly suggest people to use " User Benchmark " to find parts and do compairisions. It's surprising a very good way to test your computer vs others who have put lots of money into their set up.


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