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    Optimization !?

    That is what I would like to see in MO2.
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    Optimization !?

    After engine upgrade my fps drop about 10.I used to have 35-32 fps in Fab now is around 25.Addition of sand particles and field of view slider removed may be a source of that.I would love to see more option to limit quality and gain more fps.I do not think that removing shadows would let me...
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    How Psycho are Mortals

    hmmm,do I need to be sober before taking the test?
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    R.I.P Phil Spector

    Phil Spector managed to survive a decade in state prison...not bad for someone that old I think.Definitly he should never be allowed to own a gun and with proper psychological care he might never got into problems like that.I would rather remember him as a legendary producer.
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    View distance slider.

    those wind particles do not really help performance too:)
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    The way characters look is weird.Thursar 79kg fit looks like 130kg bodybuilder during gaining body mass part of training cycle.
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    View distance slider.

    After engine upgrade the slider is missing not being able to adjust this may lower fps on older machines.
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    Lack of offline protection will cost the game

    Balancing recruitment so most of time zones are covered should be part of strategy for guilds which want to invest in building expensive structures.If you build something without means of protecting it that should be your own risk.
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    One Handed Weapons Are Bad [Poll]

    One hand sword durability could be boosted making it more economic option than using long blades.
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    One Handed Weapons Are Bad [Poll]

    I am using short sword and shield because it looks kind of cool and I like to role-play simple light infantry soldier. I would like short sword to be easy to use weapon but with low damage and now they rather difficult to utilize.
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    Move Server('s) to NA [Poll]

    There is quite a lot of players who's english is too limited to be interested in taking part in any forum activities. It is natural that point of view of NA players will be expressed more loudly that eastern-european for example.
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    Why we don´t need Haven

    Yes,it may feel like an insult or waste of subscription time to be put in some sort of tutorial area without an option to skip it.
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    Make resources more regional

    With bigger map logistics will be more complex and may push crafters/gatherers people to be more cooperative. Moving resources around may require solving a lot of security problems. Generally disproportion between rich and poor may be larger than in MO1. I think it will be important to make...
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    Move Server('s) to NA [Poll]

    LOL, For a moment I was thinking it was one of Tramp's tweets. Make america great again:)
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    Clear the inventory option in UI.

    Having option to clear the inventory without moving everything by hand would be great help for all the crafters who are skilling up. When triggered it could start countdown timer when you cannot move or get any damage so it is not used to get rid off all your stuff during pvp fighting.