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    Low pop and frustration.

    But there WAS communication last week 🤠 "Trading Hacking Scam Hello Mortals, There has been a scam used by hackers to set up trades of big ticket items or rare stacks of goods which you are tricked into giving your things and/or they kill you with hacks. The Game Masters are working to...
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    HOW do you you leave Haven???

    From my understanding they removed the Myrland statue in the center of town when they put in the fishing village (with statue). Around that same patch they added a 2 clade gift requirement to go to Myrland. So maybe if you don't have 2 clade gifts then it won't even give you the option to use...
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    Bug report: Horses on Haven

    I don't think it even needs to be the same name. I deleted and remade with a completely different name during the queue hell days. I recently got to Moh Ki and there was 6g I'm the mail still from my old character's broker sales. Also during beta I deleted a char with a house. Created new one...
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    "User not found"

    More updates from today for you poor forum people's 🙋
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    "User not found"

    Small update from 10 min ago -
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    "User not found"

    From discord today -
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    Community Compensation suggestion!

    Yea the devs give MUCH better updates on discord than here lol. But, they've said a few times that no sub has started yet. And clarified not even the free month with purchase had started for anyone.
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    Beta Patch Notes 0.1.13 Discussion

    They are the same. Now you can actually USE the skill 😉
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    Portable Extractors

    I believe Henrik gave some insight in the last stream. Specifically that the furniture system is buggy and being worked on. Once that's fixed then they can add campfires, as it works on the same system. Which I imagine includes all things portable. not really an ETA. But it's something.