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    Mortal Online 2 Fan-made Trailer (Release Jan 2022)

    Not a big fan of the voiceovers. Someone recreate the old MO 1 trailers, they were gold
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    For the future, tone down white bear spawns.

    I would start by making pet combat skill-based. You shouldn't be extremely powerful in combat because you spent a few hours afk training a pet and know how to press "attack"
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    Map Balancing

    I agree the resource distribution is bad, but IMO we just need more of other good resources in other parts of the map. All parts of the map should have a reason to live there, and people can trade resources.
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    Extraction Timers

    Yesss, but something randomized so that it can't be macroed
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    And here we have a good way to make most builds useless again :D
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    Proposal - Remove of 'I'm Stuck' button.

    Only game I've ever got stuck on and only game where I need unstuck function weekly
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    Improvement priority

    Well that's what the map looks like even without the floating stuff :D
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    Improvement priority

    Apart from new mechanics and maybe diplomacy/guild improvements we need everything in this list for persistent or it's going to be poop
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    It needs to be a little bit harder to control GK

    Wish there were more MO 1 style buildings in GK so you could move from one to another and create chokepoints for zergs like in MO 1
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    Level Streaming?

    These are connected to level streaming, not server nodes. They are indeed horrible.
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    The Meduli Herald - Issue 1

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    World - Empty on purpose or just not finished

    World needs to be filled before they release, it currently feels empty and lifeless. One big issue I see is that there is currently no way to actually change the world... Like we cant build anything, and there is nothing permanent we can change. Don't think the game is ready for the persistent...
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    Mounted Archer Online 2

    This is a game. And yes, it's going to be 100% needed to have a mount in MO 2 due to world being so large and foot move speed being so low. Majority of people will run MA so they can hunt
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    Big Patch

    Patch should be today so they have 2 days to hotfix bugs