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    Warning to new players:

    as a vet , i left because i was bored , the basic promise of mo2 was " mo1 with better graphics , with more space , more continent and more stuff to do " we got the same continent with enlarged size , no new continent for now , half ( it's a bad estimate i'll give you that ) less content ...
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    can some of the end game content be made solo friendly.

    idk about now , but caelano ( did i get the right name ? ) weren't even solable ( maybe by a very experienced pet user ? ) so , soloing bosss ...
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    New Player Quick Start Guide

    because the total number is limited ^^ so if the optimatal str is 85 for your build then you gonna lock it at 85 so it don't take a point out of another stat ^^
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    New Player Quick Start Guide

    didn't follow from the start , but locking a stat when you have achieved the goal is to reduce to zero the risk of the said stat to gain or lose a point in case of an error
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    Twitch Stream August 18th 2022 Summary

    and here i come to read the summary hoping to see nex about thieving ...
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    Jungle Camp

    a fonctional jungle camp ; would be fun ,
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    Royal Bank Of Tindrem the most famous transporting service.

    if SV make big and good things i'll come back ; free bump !
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    Broker Sales History / Log

    well , i want a feature that count how much feature players asked from sv and how much got implement ; ;d
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    My analysis on the state of the game. A sad reality that we must address.

    probably been said already , but dam , take mo1 , add better graphics , add bigger size map , remove 20 sources of content , add 10 source of other content , remove 10 bugs , add another 20 other bugs and problem , and you got mo2 ... i never understood that hey added tc building and not...
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    Would accepting defeat be the better choice right now for the game long term?

    i just wonder how much it will drop when they ask for sub with game still in same state :d
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    Can we undo the trinket drop nerf?

    sv have a habit of releasing op stuff and nerfing it afterward by leaving the op stuff in place and limiting ( if not erasing ) the chance of getting that op stuff .....
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    Why does veterinary skill suck so much?

    i disagree since you cant heal pet when riding
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    Road map

    mehhhh , i sorta wanna come back when thieving or another continent happen , guess it won't be soon right
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    Horse Armor

    i dont even remember where and when i heard that , but breeding compared with mo1 should be fkin heavyly nerfed xd so not much to expect here
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    Structure Damage Lockout Timer

    is it even viable to destroy a house by hand right now ? i'm curious