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    A Year Later This Game Still Has Potential

    i do want thieving , but i feel like it will again be guild content , thieving was sorta a tiny bit tricky to get in mo1 , i fear they will gate it behind something akin to group content , hope i'm wrong ...
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    Trading makes the world go 'round - HENRIK PLEASE READ

    @Diocles i didn't read all , but i do agree with what i did , anyway ; " am confident that with a couple hours of brain-storming the SV team could come up with an intuitive and easy to use interface" the answer is no ^^
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    GMs interfering with gameplay in town PVP

    the problem was always equivalent exchange , probably less true in mo2 , but in mo1 you could kill a hundres gold horse with a 1 gold weapon , and be punished for 2 minutes ^^" , at least in mo2 you have to farm rep i guess
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    Want to hire harvesters for Bartfast Brewery!

    reading this post made me remembe my chef day in tindrem from mo1 , wish you a good day ^^
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    Yanek asks for help in solving an important issue ;)

    moving on is always the good choice , but be warne that this road is full of ambush , troll and griefer ! you will either get out of there bigger than ever or reduced to ashes and salt !
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    Mo1 Server Down

    good luck
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    Subscription Poll

    about the wall part and tc , i can explain a bit that as i was there and give some example ( been long so i may write a few errors ) basically , there was oghmium wich was very sought after , and you needed to go to some place to mine tephra ( i think ? ) the place was walled down by the...
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    Subscription Poll

    i just dropped on forum to see if there was any good new , and here the post i saw first hahahah
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    Slarti's List of Bad Guys

    sad but true
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    Warning to new players:

    as a vet , i left because i was bored , the basic promise of mo2 was " mo1 with better graphics , with more space , more continent and more stuff to do " we got the same continent with enlarged size , no new continent for now , half ( it's a bad estimate i'll give you that ) less content ...
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    can some of the end game content be made solo friendly.

    idk about now , but caelano ( did i get the right name ? ) weren't even solable ( maybe by a very experienced pet user ? ) so , soloing bosss ...
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    New Player Quick Start Guide

    because the total number is limited ^^ so if the optimatal str is 85 for your build then you gonna lock it at 85 so it don't take a point out of another stat ^^
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    New Player Quick Start Guide

    didn't follow from the start , but locking a stat when you have achieved the goal is to reduce to zero the risk of the said stat to gain or lose a point in case of an error
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    Twitch Stream August 18th 2022 Summary

    and here i come to read the summary hoping to see nex about thieving ...
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    Jungle Camp

    a fonctional jungle camp ; would be fun ,