Why changing the weakpost chance instead of the weakspot damage would would break the fundamant design behind the Veela Dex Footfighter !

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Sep 7, 2020

1. The design and stats of a Veela Dexfighter​

The Veela Class was designed to be most to be the most effective, if you play the Veela thin and squishy and in return deal more Damage (a villain/Assasin/Glas Canon Build). The Veela DEX Footfighter would kinda be pointless to play and not be viable for endgame PVP, if his Weakspot chance of a Risar dagger would be nerfed, since Weakspot hits are his main source of damage, which is scaling with DEX and not with Str. Therefore changing the weakspot chance of the only viable Dagger would be a terrible approch ! If Starvault wants to nerf the Dagger, the Developers should consider changing the weakspot damage of a Risar Dagger and not the weakspot chance !

2. The scaling of Damage and Gameplay of a Veela​

The Str only increase the base damage of a Dagger, which is very low against heavy Armor, if you play a skinny Veela with kinda low STr. The slashing damage from a Risar Dagger against an Arthophpd Carapace or Molarium Plate is ok (13 damage), to be able to trick your opponent from time to time with the mid and slashing attacks, but the slashing attack damage is kinda non existent against heavy armors crafted from Steel and above.

These heavily armored players can only be damaged with medium attacks, which are very easy to block. You have to be rewarded with a big weak spot hit, if you get through one of your "easy to block" medium attacks, which is usually only the case, if you perfectly coordinate the timing of the attack together with a companion and manage to hit your opponent at the same time. The Ogmir is pretty damn good at healing, and very tanky. Without the mage and veela damage, he can just ignore the midlane and push through with a Towerhield in oombination with an Armor made out of endgame materials. (Another reason why SV should not screw around with the weak spot chance!)

3. Suggestion on how I would nerf/adjust the Veela without destroying the fundamental Design of the Build.​

First of all i think that the Veela Dagger fighters should be forced to go skinny and play a glas cannon build, without being able to fall back on a tower shield. (only in very rare situations, in which the shield should slow down the character, to protect yourself against a mounted Archer, till you can find some cover with your 147 HP glas canon build. The Towershield would only slow down the Alvarin, if his armor including the shield would be too heavy for an Alvarin with 100 skill points in armor training and 100 heavy armor training, or if the Shield iteself would slow down the player in general. The weight of the Tower Shieldcould to be further increased, so that the Alvarin can only carry a 11-12 kg armor (Horned Scales Khurite Splinted or Pansar Scales/Bloodsilk Armor with a shield to maintain the balance or slow down every character using it. Then significantly fewer Alvarins would be running around with a Towershield, since Horned Scales do not have high armor values and Pensar Scales + Bloodsilk Armor is very expensive. This would be a much smarter nerf to the Dagger Build and not the dagger itself and the Oghmir would not be much effected by this change. He could still wear his Towershield, even if the weight of the shield would be further increased,
considering how heavy armor this class can carry.
It would have an impact on Mages, but i think the large Roundshield is good enough to protect them well. The weakspot damage of the Risar Dagger could considered to be nerfed but then the weakspot chance should be increased for ever point in Dex above 130, to force the Dex Dagger Players to go skinny and this decrease the slashing damage of the risar dagger aswell, that should then be increased. It could also be considered to replace the weakspot mechanic with a continuous armor penetration mechanic but changing the weakspot chance would destroy the Build design.

But now to the numbers and the results of my testing.
Currently every Point Dex above 120 Dex give you 1,2 % more weakspot chance after testing it 300 times against a dummy. A skinny Veela with 5% Weakspot clade and 147 HP get 28 % weakspot chance with the best weakspot dagger ingame (oghmium Risar Hilt with Placoid scales grip and Oghmium Risar Blade) A Fit Veela with 177 Hp and 121 Dex get arround 16 % Weakspot chance with the same dagger. That is 12 % less weakspot chance for 10 less dex.

The lower the weight the less armor weight your character can carry. A skinny Veela could no longer combine a Plate Armor with a towershield if the weight of the towershield would be further increased. This would be a big nerf to the build that would be smart, becuase the gameplay would benefit. Towershields are like Cheatmode on and noone like the Towershield Meta !

During a siege or in the endgame areas people are using Tungsteel or Cronite Armors. The Dagger would only deal 15 Damage or less with a normal mit sttacl, if the Veela damage not scale from Dex but only from STR, and this is too low for a Char that is considered to be a damage dealer/glas canon. The Veela would then be totally unviable. The weakspot chance per 1 Dex should be increase drastically for each Dex point above 131 Dex to force the Dagger Players to play a squishy build. Instead of 1.2% more weakspot chance, every point from 131 Dex should give 2.8% more weakspot chance. Then a Skinny Veela with 139 Dex with an Oghmium Placoid Scale Oghmium Dagger or Tungsteel Dagger would achieve 50% Weakspot chance,
if the skinny Veela would either wear two rings with +4 Raw Dex and play his Veela on Skinny with 147 HP or lower weight wo rings, if he does not own such rings. With all the mentioned Changes the Veela Dex Fighter could not carry a plate armor in combination with a shield, is very squishy and does more damage as a compensation to be that squishy. That would be the best nerf for the Veela build, as the Towershield turns any char with cheap armor into a tank. Wearing rings with Raw Dex would then make a difference and make sense. More players would then play the Veela on Skinny. Please don't nerf the dagger and destoy the reason to play a veela, as we need a counter for the guys in the north with the access to high end Armors and rather nerf it by not bening able to wear a towershield and decreasing tghe damage instead of the weakspot chance.
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