The Bakti Emporium


New member
Aug 29, 2023

Welcome To The Bakti Emporium

Hello once again mortals i have recently returned too the game,
I thought i would return to bakti for nostalgia and figured i would also reopen my shop.
I am sad to say i can not transport as my characters are not finished at the moment.
As i find my bearings in the complex world of nave my sevices my be a bit slow,

Mortal Online is not just a game its a hobby.

Animal Matieriels / Cost Per 10k

Keeled Scales / N/A

Hoorned Scales / N/A

Plate Scales / N/A

Pansar Scales / N/A

Incisium / 45g

Ironbone / 30g

Molarium / 30g

Crepite / 15g

Backing Materiels

Quakity Leather / 35g

Ironwool / 40g

Guard Fur / 45g

Silk / 175g

Iron Silk / N/A

Extracted Materiels

Calx Powder / 20g

Coal / 50g

Coke / 65g


Flakestone / 40g

Cuprum / 90g

Messing / N/A

Pig Iron / N/A

Grain Steel / N/A

Steel / N/A


Firm / 40g

White / 50g

Brown / 80g