The Backdoor Bandit of Canteri


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May 28, 2020
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Inspired by the title of the Mortal Online 2 Video series linked below, may I present:

The Backdoor Bandit of Canteri
(a traditional tavern song)

All the ladies love him​
Men are frightened of him​
Because he's the Backdoor Bandit of Canteri​

People lock their doors and​
And bankers guard their stores;​
Why? For he's the Backdoor Bandit of Canteri​

You daren't go out at night or in the day​
Because he will way-lay you along the way​

Guards will hide their faces​
Strong men sing his praises​
When they meet the Backdoor Bandit of Canteri​

Some priests will not raise him;​
They don't seem to faze him​
Because he's the Backdoor Bandit of Canteri​

Bounty hunters camp him​
That don't seem to cramp him​
You can't catch the Backdoor Bandit of Canteri​

You can fight him, slight him, or just stand and smile​
And he still will prove elusive all the while​

Enemies annoyed him​
Now those folk avoid him​
For they fear the Backdoor Bandit of Canteri​

You can't give him the slip​
You'll have to wait for ships​
To escape the Backdoor Bandit of Canteri​

You think you're safe? Oh, wow...​
He's behind you right now....​
Look out for the Backdoor Bandit of Canteri!​
* * *​

(Additional verses, refrains, & choruses until everyone's too drunk to sing.).

Lyrics by @Najwalaylah
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Any resemblance to the actual exploits (in the non-cheating sense) or deeds of any player character is is entirely coincidental, especially as I wrote this before seeing the videos. That IMHO is how the best legends are born.

Hi Ya'll!

I am new to this game and decided to record my experiences as a PvPer in this game. I have on-going episodes of my experiences in this game from a PvP stand point. I am not here to get subs or likes. I just want to show the world how great this game is and what to expect if you plan to PvP in this game. I hope you enjoy the video's and any comments would be welcomed!

The Backdoor Bandit of Canteri [<-- Note: this is a playlist, now at 29 - 30 Episodes....

Note, continued: .... not all of which I watched until today. — N.]
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