Single Price (for early purchasers) Instead of Subscription


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Mar 23, 2021
I think a subscription based model is good, but i think poor players should be able to pay the sucscription with gold. Lets say 600 Gold for a month. i talked to a lot of players which told me that they cant affort the game (Players from russia)

This would mean countless hours of grinding to pay the subscription. Nobody from Europe would grind several days, just prevent to pay the subscription of 15 Dollars, but this way the very poor players, students and more people from russia would play the game. Most players who like the game rather pay subscription becuase it supports the development.

The poor people without a jobs are keeping the games alive. And if it would cost 600 Gold, more then 80 % of the playerbase would still prefer to pay 15 Dollars instead of grinding several days. Most people earn 15-20 Bucks per Hour in Europe

In Albion you can pay the subscription with silver, but it so expencive, that 80 % of the players rather pay 10 Dollars. This business model is better. Look at their playerbase. The amount of Players from Russia is enormous. If a game have 20 k more active players, because of such a business decision, the company makes more money, as if you could only pay with dollars and exclude this countries. 20 K more players means at least 15 k Players that prefer to pay with cash. The smaller the playerbase the worse it is. If everybody see a very active game, more and more people will play.

Mention me a single player with a job who would not rather pay 15 Dollars, instead of grinding several days for the subscription. Plz make the game poor player friendly, because huge countries such as russia can not affort it and the potential is huge, because it such a big country! The people over there only earn 200-300 Dollars per month.
I understand thats quite sad that people with less money cant afford the game but linking real life money with ingame currency was never good, inflation by bots, cheaters, etc just because u can make irl money in the game so the knife has 2 sides here.
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