Petition for Ambassadorship to Nordveld

Favonius Cornelius

Active member
Jun 4, 2020
The Empire
Your Imperial Majesty, the Great Imperator Isaios Avitus:

I seek to humbly submit my self and my services to sort out the Nordveld situation for Your Highness. Nordveld is indeed a land of chaos and calamity, and such a lowly problem is beneath the omnipotence of Your Highness. One would no sooner ask a poet of the finer arts to tutor a 5 year old in his letters than ask an Emperor to deal with such barbarians, and your personal distaste at the recent Nordveld delegation is only understandable. I have a long history of sorting out the uncouth, and while it can be hard to see it, I do believe the Nordveld situation has potential to be of great benefit to the empire and in fact the pleasure of Your Highness.

The Nords crave to be your subjects Your Highness. It is plain to see in the fact that they have submitted themselves to diplomatic contact, and as such I see an avenue to regain the lands of Nordveld into their rightful place as a provincia of your empire. Nordveld can be thought of as a beehive: when left alone to its own devices, many stinging bees can prove to be a nuisance to Your Majesty, as seen in their many raids upon your glorious empire. If however, with the application of the calming smoke of Imperial rule and direction, these stringing bees can be tamed and placated, and the honey of Nordveld extracted for the better of the Empire and your pleasure.

Firstly, it should be noted that Provincia Nordveldia would be a great gain to the tax revenue of the Empire. Their products in ore and furs of great quantity are well worth considering, and I am sure the genius of Your Majesty can think of countless uses for this expanded revenue. Secondly the warriors of Nordveld would be a great asset to the legions of Your Majesty, for their savagery in war can be matched by few except our own heavy infantry. Indeed their raiding ships would be put to better use as a wing of our Navy for the plans ahead. Thirdly, in a similar vein, the Nordveld would make spectacular gladiators for Your Majesty's amusement in the games, being the renowned warriors that they are.

Your Majesty, I implore you to consider the fine touch I can provide in sorting out the Nordveldia situation, and to allow me to travel to their lands and meet with their leaders to ensure they join with your most glorious Empire, and furthermore pay restitution for their predations upon Imperial lands. I know I can forge this path, and I humbly hope that you in your peerless wisdom will agree.

I am your servant, now and forevermore,

Favonius Cornelius Pola