Patch Notes

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Dec 9, 2021
Patch Notes

  • Reverted weapon speed changes that were applied in the previous patch.
  • VOIP world positions should now update more frequently. (Added in the previous patch but missing from the notes)
  • Fixed an issue with spiritism that could result in you being unable to cast spells until you relog.
  • Fixed issues with the Nitre Queen and Spider Queen’s attack behaviors.
  • Fixed issues with spiders not spawning inside Morin Khur spider cave.
  • Fixed the sewer Scoundrel instant spawner.
  • Fixed missing foliage around one of the new points of interest locations.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to swing your weapons at a faster than intended speed.
  • Fixed an issue with the Celaeno which resulted in it only performing one attack.
  • Fixed several environment art issues in the new Fabernum sewers.
  • Fixed a big hole in the world in Morin Khur.
  • Fixed issues with AI desync.
Known Issues
  • The maintain vertical FOV setting does not save and needs to be enabled every time you log in.
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