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Dec 9, 2021
Greetings Mortals!

This patch contains a handful of changes and fixes that should alleviate some of the issues found throughout Myrland.
With this update comes a fix for the issue where player owned buildings would sometimes disappear after a server reboot, as well as several other notable fixes.
We have also made some adjustments to clade gift xp sharing between damage dealers and healers. The intention is to make it as fair as possible, feedback regarding this is welcome.
This patch also adjusts the difficulties of both the Ultumeki and Necromancer bosses. They should now be a fair bit more challenging, so all adventurers are encouraged to pay them a visit.
Take a look at the full patch notes below and let us know what you think!
See you in Nave.-The Star Vault Team
  • Added missing mountain spider icon.
  • Adjusted clade gift xp sharing ratio between damage dealers and healers.
  • Adjusted player owned house interaction ranges. Should alleviate issues where you can’t interact with a house while it is under construction.
  • Minor adjustment to horse stamina. Horses now use less stamina and have slightly higher stamina regeneration.
  • You can no longer use death hand on contractor npcs, priests, and vendors.
  • Increased the difficulty of the Ultumeki boss fight.
  • Increased the difficulty of the Necromancer boss fight.
  • Casting command undead on your own walkers is no longer a criminal action.
  • Adjusted loot drop rates for the Necromancy dungeon and Necromancy points of interest.
  • Added portable ritual tables as a drop from various chests in the Necromancy dungeon as well as points of interest throughout the world.
  • Adjusted spawn timers for various points of interest found in the world.
  • Necromancy rituals now reduce your psyche stat as intended. A message will be displayed on screen informing you whenever you lose psyche due to performing rituals.
  • Trinket Rings can now be caught while fishing.
  • Fixed buildable issue where houses and keeps would either lose progress or be reset on server reboot.
  • Fixed magic exploit which allowed you to cast spells faster than intended.
  • Fixed housing contractor npcs not facing the right way when placed.
  • Fixed certain decorations being invisible.
  • Fixed loot bags not ending up in the right location after casting the crawling hands spell.
  • Replaced part of a world system to hopefully fix the notorious jungle crash. The crash logs do not give a clear cause.
  • Fixed dozens of art and world related issues.
  • Fixed intro video sometimes not playing.
  • Fixed Muse Flower not having the correct properties.
  • Fixed /unstuck command while mounted not working as intended.
  • Fixed typo in Necromancy Dungeon.
  • Fixed Undead Troll being unable to hurt Risen Walkers.
  • Fixed loot bags sometimes appearing in the wrong place when spawning.
  • Fixed trinkets inside of bags vanishing when using the /droploot command.
  • Fixed too many AIs spawning in the Necromancer dungeon.
  • Fixed visual bug where arrows would not stick to Ultumeki's chest.
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