Patch Notes

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Dec 9, 2021
Patch Notes

  • Upon losing standing you now get a fanfare announcing that "You are hated by the Tindremic Empire" for example.
  • Added a fanfare message when notable things happened, such as creating a guild or catching a legendary fish.
  • Added more Wildlife spawners.
  • Added a new type of ambush spawner.

  • Made certain beast mastery attacks not be usable without criminal actions enabled.
  • Increased pet point cost of wolves and direwolves.
  • Krampos has now left Tindrem.
  • You now regain stamina slowly when swimming normally.

  • Fixed bug where the helmet of a player or AI would not play the dissolve effect when dying or logging out.
  • Fixed trinkets generating their gem an additional time when looted from a world loot structure(chest etc), resulting in not looting a trinket with the intended gem.
  • Fixed bug where pets max health was showing 0.
  • Fixed new pet icon level not updating when pet levels up.
  • Fixed wrong pet icon on Snapping Turtles.
  • Fixed pet frame name not getting updated when renaming pet.
  • Fixed bug where you could not delete items after being hit by something tamable/dominatable.
  • Fix being able to level up a skill when its parent was not unlocked(veterinary skill issue).
  • Fixed Horse attack sounds that did not fade correctly.
  • Fixed missing Tupilak attack sounds.
  • Fixed being able to mount when encumbered.
  • Fixed bug where zoology lore would increase the amount you healed a creature.
  • Removed the auto re-enter combat mode function after using a spell while in combat mode.
  • Balanced to queue system based on the data from this weekend.
  • Fixed several issues with bosses.
  • AI that is not tamed will no longer use attacks that cause them to become hungry.
Known Issues

  • Crawling hand spell is currently not working as intended.
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