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Dec 9, 2021

Patch Notes

  • Added war combatant debuff. After attacking a player you are at war with, you will receive this debuff for 5 minutes. If a guard spots you while this debuff is active, you will be attacked and lose standing.
  • Added password system to access houses. The owner can change the password from the house UI. Leaving the password blank means no one can enter the house using passwords.
  • Players who entered the correct password will keep access to the house until they relog, until the password changes, or until they move far away from the house.
  • Added a new decoration chest type called “access chests”. Anyone who knows the password to the house may add or remove items from these chests.
  • Added portable Campfires, Crushers, Grinders, and Grizzlies to gear Vendors.
  • Added Contractor NPCs to the capitals that sell Equerry and Priest contracts.
  • Added support for NPCs in houses.
  • Added /guard command that can be used when targeting a criminal to call one guard that runs towards the criminal and attacks them.
  • Added /bank, /broker, and /petbroker commands which allow you to interact with the closest NPC of the relevant type within ten meters.
  • Added /vendor command which allows you to interact with the vendor closest to the center of your screen, within ten meters.
  • Added clade reset item. Using it will let you reset your clade gifts at the cost of 10% of your total clade gift experience.

  • Housing item limits changed:
  • Small Houses 500-700 items
  • Medium Houses 600-800 items
  • Strongholds 1000-1200 items
  • Keeps 1200-1400 items
  • Increase the interaction duration on houses from 1 second to 5 seconds.
  • Increased max decorations per floor in strongholds to 65 decorations, and increased max decorations per floor in keeps to 75 decorations.
  • Removed Red Priests outside keeps.
  • You can no longer decorate immediately in front of doors in player-owned houses.
  • Toxai priest is now a member of the Khurite Allied Tribes.
  • Guard attacks can no longer be parried. (only blocked)
  • Increased the damage bonus you get from having the skill mounted charge
  • Blast furnaces are now active again.
  • Greater Natorus are now active again.
  • Tephra yield restored to original values.
  • Disabled Heat system, as it was unintentionally affecting stamina costs in most regions of Myrland.
  • Guild enemies’ names are now shown as orange instead of red. Red is reserved for bounty targets.
  • Removed the key system from buildables.
  • Reverted swing speed increase for light weapons from last patch.
  • Chests in camps and dungeons now require keys to open.
  • Updated book information message
  • AI will now remember a player's last damage dealing hit for ten minutes.

  • Fixed holes in spiral staircases in Risar Dungeon.
  • Added missing wood structure to Tier 1 T-wall sections in keeps.
  • Fixed stair collision in Tier 2 T-walls.
  • Fixed glitch where pets would not correctly save in the database.
  • Fixed issue where max height players could not enter risar dungeon
  • Fixed issue where you could not target a loot bag in the spider dungeon boss room
  • Server optimizations
  • Fixed bug that caused animations for other players to stutter while they were swimming slowly.
  • Fixed rounding error that could result in less than the intended amount of clade gift xp being given.
  • Fixed bug where guards still had aggro on you/your pet even though you were no longer a criminal.
  • Updated description for 'management' skill.
  • Fixed bug where spells which did 0 damage would execute targets in mercy mode.
  • Fixed bug where you could cast beneficial effects(heals etc) on criminals while 'enable criminal actions' was disabled.
  • Fixed issues with displaying the wrong hints related to illegal actions and being on haven or not.
  • You can no longer report murders to a red priest.
  • Fixed steam stat tracking for sator kills.
  • Fixed human clade gift 'Opportunistic', it did not give you the intended double chance to gain standing during the dice roll part of a task reward.
  • Possible fix for sounds cutting out in large battles.
  • Crafted weapons now have their correct names on the broker.
  • Fixed broken water between Toxai and Jungle.
  • Fixed swimming in jungle area.
  • Optimized node performance in areas with a lot of players. This previously caused lag spikes; these should now be fixed.
  • Optimized the sending of player positions reducing the number of packages the server and client receive.
  • Fixed friends becoming temporarily deleted from the friend list.
  • Fix AI not forgetting who damaged it last after it leashes.
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