Origins of the Trinsic Empire


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Dec 28, 2020
The tavern truly reminded us who we are, where we had come from.

The land we came from was much different the ground scorched, the oceans frozen, more importantly friends lost both in and outside the game, nothing was left in Felucca for these Knights. The journey to this land caused so much confusion. Simply moving about was so disorienting ,The distance of their swings seemed so unfamiliar, more importantly the sky was different. The land had yet to be laid to waste. They knew they could have a purpose in this place. Our arrival in this waking to live trees and fruit growing in abundance, animals, guards who respect the times of the old who foolishly don't carry Halberds.... *PRRRRFFF*

Turk "Empress move it along"

Very well, A journey was had to explore these new lands, leaving broken down ramparts of what these citizen nicknamed Fab, a Great city that could only mimic the walls of what solid sandstone provided to the people they protected for so long. While at first glance honour appears in the streets, many stray from the the Virtues of old. While vague memories exist the life each had lived and survived could never let us forget our origins and what brought us together.

Dovlag " Petrification polymorph squid"

*smiles at innocence*

Makes you think, these new faces only want one thing, We've seen what has happened to war torn worlds. We are not going to let that happen again. Scouting is something that came back as easy as the bow, upon the return, they gathered to display the maps resources observed. More importantly all witnessed the same thing from city to city across Nave. The realization came that this new world is no different . The only similarities we saw in these Veela men, women orc all hell whatever you call them here!

Mumblez *looks left, looks right*

The only common trait this world has Is your ability to destroy it.

Grudge *SLAMS spear to shield*

That's not to say every person in this world you call Nave is bad, We socialize this community might have what it takes, We've made a few friends *winks*

Pigeons have been sent. Replies awaited so it goes, the wheels of time turn turn turn.

(anyone who gets that reference bighearts!)

Decisions to be made we morals and our petty squabbles

One thing will never change, our numbers may be small, * the Seabreeze kicked up across Sullivan's face, She laughed and shouted*

"ITS NOT THE SWAMP BOYS SET UP CAMP! DOV boyo, you're on firewood you rascal,

Dovlag "f***ing firewood duty are you serious"

Come now we all do our part plus look at the place they basically want us to have a fleet, the gods are different then the Virtues and we must prepare for a new world and pick apart the option it offers.

Dovlag " I'm still not happy about this do you know how far that tree is?"

Mumblez " at least its not rocks"

Rfive "you guys got stationary materials? man i was told to grab seaweed IN THE OCEAN!"

Grudge "Don't look at me I just kill people"

Sullivan "Might be time to add salt to the steamed cream, seems a bit unfair"

Turk *covered in blood carrying 4 dear carcass on his back* "I HAVE SLAYED FOR THEE"

Mumblez "Wait wait wait, what do you do?"

*All look at Sullivan and brows raise*

Sullivan reached into a chest and stated "I brought the drinks no more than 10 units at a time"

Next time on Trinsic Adventures and origins the tale of Conquest,