need some tips on Tamer guide


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Aug 11, 2023
trying to find a tamer character creation guide. Any tip i should look out for what important on making my character


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May 28, 2020
PVE or PVP focused?
For PVE you want something that can heal, so a mage.
For PVP healing is not that important because players will usually out dps your heals. I enjoy combining a pet with a high dps meele fighter...

Currently I can think of 3 mainstream builds:
1) Human mounted mage with horse + pet
2) Human mounted archer & mage with horse + pet
3) Human or sheevra foot mage with pet

2) is mainly for ganking.
1 & 3 should be able to solo certain PVE mobs e. g. trolls with a turtle as pet.

Humon is mentioned so often because they got lots of attribute points (and therefore more skill point Bonus from attributes) and skill point bonus for mounted skills. The total amount of required skill points will be your main concern as tamer/beast master.
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Jan 8, 2021
Healing your pet in pvp is definitely very useful but as Rhias said you cant rely on it to win a fight. You need to be aggressive and deal damage yourself and use your pet as additional dps.

Melee fighter is ideal, but dagger mage (especially if you are human with some armour on) can also be pretty good. Its nice to have spells if you come up on someone that parrys very well.