need advice with alvarian veela dex foot fighter/mounted archer action skills


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May 24, 2023
Hello community, I'm trying to build a hybrid between a greatblade dex footfighter and mounted archer. I'm flustered and need some advice on my current action skill setup.. I don't have enough action skills to fit all of the necessary components, can you please give me recommendations what I should min/max/add/remove... thanks in advance :^)

foot fighter stuff
blocking 100
swords 100
combat techniques 100
defensive stance 100
aggressive stance 100
sprinting 100
armor training 100
combat manouvering 100
endurance 100
active regeneration 100
anatomy 100

mounted archery stuff
archery 100
controlled riding 100
mounted archery 100
controlled aiming 100

taming 50 (allows taming of all horse types)
creature control 16 (allows use of level 125 horses with 100 mammalia lore)


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Jul 19, 2022
Im not a footie but I just tried it with mortal data to see what's possible. Don't waste your points in taming, it doesn't give you any "real stats" and that's what you should use your primary action points on imo.
Also since your a footfighter I highly recommend at least some heavy armor training to be able to wear the best armor you can buy. I'd probably take away active regeneration since you're gonna be using bandages anyway and i don't think it's really that strong. I'm not sure about Endurance.I know it's good but you gotta sacrifice something if you want controlled aiming.
The other thing is, if you want to be a "perfect mounted archer+ footie" you NEED a trinket with some primary skillpoints on it or you just won't have enough points. Also correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think you need mounted archery at 100 to be effective :) Hope some more experienced footies will notice this post. [EDIT] also combat techniques is a secondary so there's 100 points for you xD
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Aug 17, 2023
I am trying to do something similar. I dont think it is possible to be a tamer and a footfighter and a mounter archer imo unless you happy with many skills less than 100. The taming skill points are needed for the duel flighting build. I am reading that controlled aiming is not in the game at present so a waste of skill point - can anyone confirm?


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Jan 8, 2021
no way to fit all that stuff. For a viable footie/MA you will need.
Blocking 100
Sprinting 100
Controlled riding 100
Combat maneuvering 100
Armour training 100
Endurance 100
Anatomy 100
Archery 100
Mounted archery 100
Swords 100
Taming 50
Creature control 30
Heavy armour training 50

You should be able to fit all these into your build and have a few extra points as long as you have high dex, con and strength (for the bonuses).

Aiming technique and controlled Aiming are really not worth 200 skill points if you are planning on foot fighting. Usually those are for wheelchair builds. Most MAs /footie builds do not have these.

Offensive/def stance are nice to have but not mandatory. Wearing good armour/weapons will do the same.

Active regen is useless. Get passive instead.
Like Ratz said, if you can do without taming , and just buy your horses, you can use those points for better skills. However, MAs lose lots of horses especially when you are making a build that will most likely finish the fight on foot. Being able to tame is super handy.
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Sep 22, 2021
I got 60 in the AT/CA and I got 60 in marks. How, well... once I was figuring it out (when it first came out,) and I realized about 50-60 was where you need it for wobble. Then I had put marks up to 100 for farming and lost it to a clade reset. I was like NOT GONNA DO IT.

True that stances are not necessary. P sure if you have mammal that you don't need 50 taming, either. I've been running 40 for a grit and I think it's all gud. My build is a griefer / skirmisher tho... lean veela. Haha. I go with low armor wt like Khurite level because I still think that veela jump is worth it. At that point, it's def worth taking d-stance because it'll cut stuff out. I dunno if you need endurance either as a veela, but if you want passive regen then I guess. There are def points to play with.

Lemme look at mine tho like I said lol you don't wanna spec your builds like me :eek: brb

Edit: ahaha, I did some funny things before I left. But yea I got 50 ecu for reflect, too. I had heals at one point. Got d-stance. Got 80 beast mastery lawl but was mainly just letting it rise for the sake of being able to spur on a bunch. No blocking (BLOCKING??) 70 armor training, haha. 11wt as a 180 lean veela 31. 127+2 dex = max speed. But yeah, my taming is 35 and I haven't had any trouble taming anything w/ 100 mammal just saying.

There are points to play with for sure. Def the first thing I would try that just about everyone can agree on is 60/60 to get almost another primary skill. Endurance, unnecessary. 50 taming imo unnecessary. CC 30 unnecessary. The rest is stuff that is only gonna work for me when I care more about griefing people's horses and getting away / skirming in team fights than actually front lining. It's viable... like I said w/ points to spare cuz nobody needs BEAST MASTERY haha. Or marks, really, but if you are farming it's good. Ants would be brutal without it.

You can def shoot people w/ min aiming tech but mostly when people say MA they mean like farming and such. Plus when you are a veela, your dex allows you to make sharp turns so you can really outplay people w/ MA, and having a more controlled aim is good. But yea if you are gonna just dismount and give up your horse anyway, might not be worth it.
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Sep 22, 2021
Don't waste your points in taming,

Also gotta disagree with this. Unless you are in a guild with a v smooth machine you always want taming. As I said v low investment. 35-40 if you are also taking mammal for butchery. The ability to just grab a horse is so important. The world is awful without that. Almost as awful as BUGGED ARCHERY.


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Jun 1, 2022
taming 50 (allows taming of all horse types)
creature control 16 (allows use of level 125 horses with 100 mammalia lore)
Taming 125 Horses with 100 Mamilia and Equidae only requires 31 taming. Also you only need 11 CC to do this. That should save you a FEW points. When you start to run low on points for the rest of the build you can start to take away from defensive and aggressive stance equally. Youll never be able to have a Mounted build with either of those maxed sadly.
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