moh khi small hunting shop


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Aug 1, 2021
hello everyone ,

to clarify things first , i'm one man , unlike the big guild like rbt and co

so , i provide my service in a few domain

- i can craft any short bows ( crepite en dense crepite maxed )

_ i can craft any armor ( exept draco) with lore maxed in anything ( no boss mats for now :) ) and i do have a goodstock of jungle material here in moh-khi ( reptile carapace / plate scale / heavy carapace )

_i'm also a full pledged butcher ( alvarin with clade gift ) and can butcher pretty much anything for a small % of mats !

how do i work regarding money ? i do accept gold and material ( thought i won't accept lowest tier mats )

you ask for something , and we will negotiate a price ; i can guarantee it will be cheap ; if you ask for a crafted bow or armor and bring your own mats ? it will be even cheaper !

you can join me here or on discord bladeer01#4099

reference for customer trust ; i "ownded" a small bow trade shop in mo1 ; so this isn't my first time :)

update ;

material for armor

horned scale
keeled scale
reptile carapace
plate scale
hard carapace
iron wool

+all basics
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