Make the mage soloable


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Mar 30, 2021
Mages cannot escape RPKs armed with a bow and on horseback. They have zero defence. Give mages some kind of defence like mesmerize, invisibility, deflect arrows, stoneskin or something along those lines. I'm not saying they should be able to kill a group of RPKers, but just be able to escape death sometimes, if they can cast a defensive spell quick enough and run/ride like the wind to safety in the nearest city or forest or whatever. Zig zagging on a horse can help to prolong the flight away but doesn't help enough.

Or just implement the school of Mentalism after Necromancy.
Mar 12, 2022
Sadly it is starting to look like this game wants mages only as part of a group, which really sucks for solo-interested players like myself.

Necro will be cool addition, but likely gatekeeped like Spiritism and the range of spells will still be awful compared to a bow. Plus expensive reagents.

While magery needs buffs for sure, a large issues is that MA is just too overpowered and easy to play, and we have been waiting for the wobble change
for ages now, which we don't even know if it will make an impact. The best counter to a bow is currently another bow, which means every melee char also needs a bow to defend themselves 1v1 in the wilds. It does not make sense that mages would also need to build a bow into their arsenal, as they do nothing with strength otherwise, and their points are already tight as you basically need taming skills to do anything alone. Additionally, why would the game require two ranged combat styles for one character type? It just doesn't make sense.

Of course people here say MA does no damage as long as you have the heaviest armor in the game on, but as a mage it just isn't really viable to do so thanks to mana regen modifier + low armor weight in general and no points for additional weight skills (I guess oghmirs could have some armor).

If a mage does not initiate combat they will die for certain, as they will get random interrupted as well after spending ages standing still casting stuff, or riding in a straight line being easy targets.

I've talked this topic to death here by now, but yeah as said, looks like this game wants mages to move in a group if they want to a fighting chance.
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May 28, 2020
Life steal has range of a dagger, don't think it will be used much unless they change it.
Well, most of the MA's I've met just stop their horse 1 meter in front of the solo mage and start shooting. At least you could force them with death hand to keep moving or keep a distance, making it harder for them to aim.
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