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Mar 24, 2021


Im here to offer my services as trader. I provide this service to my closest friends for a while and now decided to open my own business.

How does it works?​

If you have a trinket for sale but doesnt know price, has no experience dealing with mo2 market or doesnt have time to update posts and deal with offers, you can ask me to do it for you.

I will help you price check your trinket, advertise and hold offers for you, and find the best and more fair offer to fit your expectations.

I never get to hold your ring or ammy, neither the gold from buyer. I simply find you an offer, ask for your confirmation, organize town and value to COD and thats it. By the end, you send me my share.

I only receive my share if i properly find you a buyer for your trinket. If not, or whenever you feel like canceling the service, nothing will be charged.

Why are my services necessary?​

  • I'm updated with market prices so you will not sell for under market value.
  • I can deal and negotiate on your behalf with your friends and guildmates so you dont need to risk your friendship.
  • I'l find you better deals worth of my share.
  • You save time and effort.

How much do i charge?​

I usually charge a small cut from 10% up to 20% depending on the trinket. This will be decided and confirmed before announcing the trinket.

Feel free to pm makalis on discord and ask anything.
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Dec 2, 2021
He sold my almost max defense stats silver ruber ammy (for an insane price) and also sold my gold adamant amulet.

Screenshot_1 (1).pngScreenshot_2.png
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