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Jun 24, 2021
The Darkblood Order seeks to uncover all secrets of Dark Magic, Ritualism, as well as provide wealth, power and notoriety to our allies and members through PVP, Dungeons, Political Arrangements and Trade throughout Myrland. Our Guild is a brotherhood, each person contributes to the whole and the Guild in turn Provides Weapons, Armor and other resources to our members as needed. We provide mercenary services to Guilds in need, perform Bounty Hunts, and have been responsible throughout Mo2's history for the rise and fall of Guilds and alliances through Espionage, Trade, and sheer force of will, our guilds history is recorded on our website for any who would like to read it at (

We are Mortal Online 2's foremost Necromancy Guild.

We DO NOT tolerate any sort of:
or Prejudice of any kind. Play the game, leave your toxicity out of it.

Our Guild is a Neutral Guild, we do not participate in the ARPK/RPK Good/Evil ideology, to Darkbloods, an Enemy is an enemy, a Friend is a friend. Dark Magic & Ritualism are our play style by majority, however we welcome all types of players to join the guild. New players will be taught whatever playstyle it is they would like to learn, our guild contains Veterans of Mo2 that have experience with every build and specialize in our Necromantic nature.

We are looking for players of all kinds that have self respect to carry The Darkblood Tag with dignity. Any Drama will be dealt with by leadership however the Darkblood Order is like a family, Drama is rare and every player has a voice in the guild and all Voices are heard by leadership.

How to apply and contact details?
Join our Discord server!

Contact: @lord azaad via Discord


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