Food Trafficking:


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Sep 22, 2021
I'm bored! I can't sleep! Gonna make a vid in a sec then try to sleep more, but I've been kicking around the same idea in my head from MO1, which is basically networking food. I wouldn't even mind working w/ people out of other cities. My respeccing is depending on this; I def got the points, but the way MO is set up now as well as the lack of sophistication to make 'good food,' is going to make this harder.

Basically, what we are going to need (and buy orders would help this, however RIP) is people in each city gathering what is within their means to gather and then transporting it. There would be different levels, gatherer, transporter, extractor, cook. The idea would be to get good food for most cities at good prices. I don't have to take much money as an extractor/cook, especially if I get all the other things worked out, but my idea is BULK.

There are a lot of mats that interest me, and yea I've done it all myself before. I don't really have the time or energy for it right now. I'd definitely help it get set up, though. Like I said, the idea is BULK, SATISFACTORY mats, so I would probably be cutting. I would probably sell raw (heh starting to sound like this isn't about food :eek: ) mats of superop stuff in private, and we could arrange that as well.

The gathering doesn't seem like it will be a problem, nor does the cooking, the problem I see is transporting. It doesn't seem like the transport would be able to make enough money if the prices were kept low, but again, I'm planning to cut like DO U NEED 212 STAM? 150 prol enough! Etc, I also wanna work on a stam HoT food since there is almost nothing else that can be experimented with. Or maybe like a battle snack HoT food that would give you a lil passive regen for awhile.

Anyway, hit me up. I'm gonna spec if there is any interest, should take a short while. I'm down to ghost places and cook/extract, too, but I would really like to 'feed the world.'

:):):) Post here or PM if you are interested in something.
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