DrakonPickers [DP]: solo/friendly guild providing services in CC


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Nov 21, 2020
I have made a solo guild which has all my alts in it, called Drakon Pickers,

The guild is based in Cave Camp, and my goal is to provide some service to the players coming to this wonderful village in the mountains. I have made this solo guild to start dabbing with TC mechanics

below is the territory I am claiming (Just around my house):
drakonpickers radius.jpg

the guild (ie me) is neutral and friendly: will never engage in PvP unless attacked, because i suck, i have a bad pc and a high ping. if you are in the area of Cave Camp and you see someone with this tag (usually the character names are all similar to Grasthard), rest assured you are safe. if you need help or gear I will be happy to provide, in most cases for free. if you want to attack me go for it, knowing that 99% of times I will just be a harmless loot pinata.

as neutral/friendly guild, I will abide to the rules of the guild claiming the keep of the area (Content).

these are the services I have provided and will provide in the near future:

- general help and free gear to anyone who need around Cave Camp

- Drakon clearing: this herb is invasive in the northern areas and infestant, destroying the delicate ecosystem for bush pigs and risars. I will make my mission to remove as much of it as I can from the area. contact me if you are interested to purchase (I can deliver to any city for large enough amounts)

- equerry and pet armor crafting services, to supplement the missing benches in CC. I had the house open with the equerry for a while. In the future I will maybe expand with a proper stable (though will take me a while to solo farm the prominence)

- magic vendor Tier 1 open to everyone, again to supplement the missing vendors of CC. this service is pending and will depend upon discussion with keep owning guild and neighbouring guilds, if they agree. Also, I need to check how the supply system works and if is viable as solo player to sustain.

See you in Cave Camp



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Jun 1, 2022
Praise be the FreeEquerry of CC, I own Freedom Stables of JC! We are one in the same, except my house is where I collect goblin tax from the invaders of JC.


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Mar 7, 2021
Nice idea!:) Bdw it is right that my nickname is something like Okinawa drink?:)