Dauntless has Appeared!

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Jan 22, 2022

Guild Name: Dauntless
Guild Region: NA(main)/AUS & EU(Allies)
Guild Discord:

Guild Description: Dauntless is new/returning player friendly as we focus on helping build and grow with each other! We've swelled to be a 700+ member Discord Gaming Community that pushes forward to overcome Obstacles and Challenges together! Casual and Semi-Competitive, we aim to Grow, Learn, and Ultimately Thrive!

Content we have plans for...

-Dungeons and Farming Camps
-Crafting and Player Housing
-Claiming and build up a Player village
-Researching Trade secrets and Testing our old Trade secrets from MO1!
-Crafting and Construction
-PvP roams and assistance
-Stay tuned as we grow into the future and can expand our scope!

We don't shy away from being the Underdogs, we do our best to help new players, and aim to be as competitive as we can while keeping it fun first. Lots of Laughs and good times daily as we group up with our Friends, and Allies. Even in the tough times, we still #RemainDauntless as it makes for awesome Experiences and Memories which is what MMO's are all about.

Membership varies from Newbies to Veterans, myself I played MO1 on and off over the decade, and was a long term member of Forsaken. Helping Newbies out was my goal then and plan to continue in MO2.

We have experience in MO1/MO2...

-Duels and Combat
-Taming, Domination, and Breeding
-Crafting and Keep Construction
-PvP raids, roams, and Wars
-PvE Bosses, Raids, and Dungeons

Stop by the Links provided and lets chat! Additionally my Door is always open, feel free to reach out anytime, my hope is to Help everyone have a great time with the game!
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