CRYPTIC - Order of Visionaires


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Sep 12, 2023

Cryptic (guild-name) is a guild of the ambitious and determined. Located deep in the jungle, and often traveling across the map for various objectives, we have claimed territory that we utilize for various things. We are the most enthusiastic about building our skill in melee combat and group fighting strategies. Working well as a group is very vital to our survival and dominance in the world of Nave.

Mortal is full of interesting things and people, with secrets undiscovered but declared, and especially often gatekept... we plan to build our knowledge and wisdom on the game just as much as our pursuit to dominating the battlefield (Myrland).


PvP and PvE, merchants and duelists, diplomats and elite mercenaries.


We aren't your average PvP guild with poor planning. Our motivation and dedication to growth and progression keeps our vision of domination in mind strong and clear. As a new guild, our two priorities are:
1. Building wealth while working powerfully together as a group
2. Training/dueling/or doing scrims to produce some god-tier PvPers and immaculate group fighting tactics

(we accept new players and are willing to train you to master every aspect of this game if you are willing to)
(we spend lots of our time farming, building wealth and power to expand our control of territory)

Target Characteristics for Recruitment

- You want to master the art of combat and hone your leadership spirit (we need a core membership, and future leaders)
- Naturally having a good game sense in games especially skill-based or competitive games
- Okay with grinding it out sometimes, as sometimes in Mortal you just gotta hit rocks or spend hours traveling/preparing/building structures
- You consider yourself a team player and want to contribute to the guild
- Should have an interest in politics and the whole idea of territory control/realistic MMOPRPG gameplay
- Ideally you play often, or at least actually have a great interest in Mortal Online 2 (like it's your type of game)

Cryptic Territory & Operations​

We are located in the deep jungle where we are dedicated to training our melee combat, magic, and group fighting tactics so that we can conduct certain operations around Nave that we will be remembered for. Power is in numbers. The location we choose matters.

We are open to alliances and friendly guilds. We are primarily looking for trading alliances, PvP alliances (especially for the purpose of scrims), and relations with PvE guilds that could use our protection and assistance when farming PoI's or dungeons.


In game name:
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