Bakti Services!


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Sep 22, 2021
I'm looking at the broker and some of this shit is wild. I was going to spec milling/grinding/press, but I'm gonna do bows, I think??

That's not ready, anyway. However, holla if you need a wep that's not 10g overpriced haha. Might take a sec, so def not something to depend on, and I'm alil low on steel atm, but w/ the prices shit is selling on broker, I could def sell AND buy. Not doing any elite things. Could GET U FOOD. COULD GET U ARMOR (from a friend, might take a bit longer,) if you just let me know what you want. I imagine I could get you:

mounts (haven't been to desi in awhile so dono,) weapons except pole axe, armors except draco, no metal armor either. Not selling silk+ backers. Get ur trash sets here. And some food. If you PM me what you want, we can talk about it. OR you can buy off broker. hue. Too bad most people who need this announcement prol won't see it.

Also I have almost no jade so not selling that, either.