A few QOL suggestions


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Apr 15, 2021
The in-game Bug Report window. 200 characters is too short. With a limit like that, best to tell people BEFORE they start typing. Existing keybinds remain active while the Bug Report window is open - so your character jumps when you press SPACE, the maps opens when you press M, etc. There is something wrong with the delete function in the window - it sometimes deletes from a location other than the cursor. Anyway, not super easy to use.

Would be great if cursor mode was not the default or at least if you could choose your default. At present, speaking to an npc, opening your inventory, etc. all enable cursor mode but it is not disabled when you close the npc or inventory window which leaves you staring at the ground and unable to turn. This is particularly bad if you kill something, loot it, and then more mobs spawn on you while you are stiil in cursor mode. Would be nice if closing the loot box took you back to combat mode.
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