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    Character Limit.

    The problem are the skills with rare use as somebody mentioned before in this thread, e.g. all the architect skills with furniture, sculpturing and so on. In MO1 we have 10 primary skills for architects! With 1100 primary points in crafting a character cannot skill something else as just a pure...
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    Character Limit.

    In the current version of MO2 the second skill window with crafting skills has a maximum of 1100 primary points. I don't know if you played or followed MO1 during the last two years: StarVault changed a number of former primary skills to secondary, e.g mining and woodcutting but also some...
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    Cooldown for using the home priest or for changing the home priest? I completely agree, the cooldown for changes of home priest should be a week or even a month. And for using the home priest maybe one per day, but I don't "want" 12 hours, just an idea. And if once per week, fine.
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    Home teleport is a helpful tool on the larger map. Don't forget the doubled traveling time on the new map between the same cities compared to MO1! A time restriction should be implemented like one or two times per day.
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    Mo 2 Fabernum Regional Map

    Yes, the map is right. And the way to the north-east starting north of Fabernum Tower can be used to get to the Minotaur dungeon.
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    Thievery missing from the skill window

    That's not right! With this week's patch the first vendor came into the game to get crafting materials and bandages. And also player trade is now possible.
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    French Translation

    Many years ago we had Russians, Germans and French and others in the EVIL alliance, which worked pretty well.
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    Will MO2 finally get Ships?

    From some information in the MO1 forum: There will be a water continent (in the far future...) with lots of islands and even with underwater areas. Probably ships will come together with this continent.
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    Is this Meduli?

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    Patch Notes Discussion

    Players with too high ping will now be kicked from the server. What will be the limit?
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    New way to progress skills in MO2

    It's all a matter of required time to reach maximum skill level in agility and fighting and crafting skills. There is the difference between stupid macroing and just learning by doing while playing the game. If the agility skills would be maxed after some hours of playing while running to all...
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    Feedback- How to check Ping with ease! -Poll update-

    Average 26, min 24 and max 33. Interesting would be a long test e.g. with: ping -n 1000 Germany.
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    The failure of spiritism and possible solutions

    The PvP part of Spiritism is resurrection. Very useful in dungeons (ok, that's PvE) but also in large fights when a group has support players not far away from the fight location. Dead players can be resurrected, healed and trade new armor and weapons. And another PvP spell is the detection of...
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    Houses, Deeds and Keeps: Website update!

    Important to think about the changes of meaning of a "deed" between MO1 and MO2! In MO1 the deed has been the item the engineer needed to place the house foundation. In MO2 the deed is a "verification item" optional placed and "gives legal recognition of ownership". This means, houses can be...
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    stress test

    Sure: Pay for alpha access and install and play as many other players are doing.