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  • hey i donated in 2 instances so i didnt get my steam key, they are saying u can help me with that?
    If you dont get him here, try messaging him on their discord.
    I contacted support and he sent me a message, so I believe I will be good? at least I hope.

    I've had issues with purchasing the incorrect previous MO1 and donating to the correct version of MO2 for testing. Do you have the time to assist me in this? Paypal simply says, 'Something went wrong' when attempting to donate.

    I'm an old school tester, fan and player of sandbox games since Shadowbane, Darkfall, the latest Crowfall and others.
    I am trying to sign up for Alpha, but I do not remember my old username and it will not let me recreate my account with the same email address. When I ask it to send me my recovery information by email, I do not receive anything.

    Can you please assist me or direct me to someone who can?

    Thank you.
    When I enter the password reset key emailed to me by Starvault into the Reset Key field as instructed, it instead just sends me another reset key. Is there any support for this? Or perhaps an alternative way to donate for the Conflux package? I understand there has been issues surrounding passwords. I dont mind being patient, and thank you for any assistance you can provide.
    Just to confirm what dantewyn is saying, I'm having exactly the same issue
    i am also having this issue. Would be willing to have my old account deleted if i can use my prefered email to sign up for Alpha!
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