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    Wanna start playin this game again

    Why would you want to give your credit card info to Starvault instead of Steam?
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    Henrik stream 20 fps its okay ?

    Henrique dont care about stupid stuff like "good FPS", "optimization" or "good gameplay". He focus on important stuff like pretty screenshots and boats so he can market the game, is a business after all. Also RTX 4090 is only $1.6k, if you cant afford then maybe you arent hardcore enough for...
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    When are we getting a counter to MM?

    Poleaxes should dismount if they get a clean hit on the rider IMO Thats what they were actually used for historically and it would justify the 200 points
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    4 minute video for SV devs to learn how to fix the games horrible lighting.

    Its horrible. I had to play with full gamma even at daytime, any shadow would make it hard to see other player attack animations, especially at dawn/sunset where depending on the terrain my whole screen would turn black...
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    Patch Notes Discussion

    Meh another nothing patch...
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    Removing spinning cause 1 month streamers cant read attacks

    For honor is aim locked, a completely different type of combat. No spins possible. We used to have stronger spam attacks but even tho combat was IMO more fun, the gap between EU and the rest of the world was even bigger. If only we had regional servers the combat could be so much better...
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    Pets vs Melee

    Anyone can 1v1 a terror bird. The issue is when your fighting 1vX and need to reset while this fucker stickybacks you. If any pet can catch up to a player it should die in 2-3 hits imo
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    Removing spinning cause 1 month streamers cant read attacks

    Well roadmap is out and no mention of kicks or special attacks, seems like Henrik duped u all... spinning is here to stay kids
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    I'm more safe anywhere else in the game than inside guarded cities.

    lol imagine this kid in MO1 Tindrem kids today are soft
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    New Road Map....

    Yeah its obvious by now that Henrique is more focused on sales than creating a quality gaming experience
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    New Road Map....

    They should forget about UE5, its only gonna make the lag worse and raise the specs needed to run 60+ fps. But Heinrik wants the game to look pretty on screenshots...
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    Mortal Online 2: The Injustice of a player base

    Yeah I doubt we will ever get projectiles, it seems Henrik doesnt really like them and prefers his hitscan trash.
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    Petition to rollback spiritism nerf

    Yep they need to remove it entirely