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    Why we don´t need Haven

    I'm all for Haven. Getting griefed by fully skilled players (ingame skilled that is) and geared players isn't a very nice starting experience. I believe our wonderful community have griefed a big chunk of players out of the game before even getting the chance to try it out properly. As it was...
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    "Broken" upper and lower block

    I use click drag and it works perfect for me
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    Having all appliances out of safe zones would potentially be really hard for new players trying to start extraction. I could see the value of having buffed appliances out in the wild which gives extra yield for players who are able to actually defend themselves against gankers. While keeping...
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    IMO features that are afk timesinks should be avoided. We don't need our playerbase to hide and go afk for long periods of time while extracting. We want players to move around the map to make the world feel more alive. The only exception to this is when extracting high tier ores in special...
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    Old Weapon Stats

    I would even say swords are op and in need of a small nerf. Or we will end up with swordfighter online.
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    Let us mix more of the weapons and handles

    This was also something that disappointed me when I first looked at the new crafting system. Previously we had the different parts of a weapon and made different kinds of weapons by combining hilt/shaft with a head. Now we first choose what type of weapon we want to make and then get a number...
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    Poleaxe swing arcs and animations

    This makes me a bit disappointed. I really liked being able to choose the size of the handle and add a head of my choosing in MO 1. Makes more sense too
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    Poleaxe swing arcs and animations

    Are you saying that the handle length change when you choose a specific head?
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    I've heard you just pretend to like beer and actually drink milk in beer cans

    I've heard you just pretend to like beer and actually drink milk in beer cans
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    Turn Cap Yes or No?

    I hope the turn cap will be objectively reviewed and tested in group fights to make sure it is not affecting them in a negative way. In that case a turn cap could be great. It is a good idea and I'm glad we are giving it a shot, but I think it can mess up the gameplay if we are not careful...
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    Turn Cap Yes or No?

    Even though I don't really believe in the turncap. It's worth considering that the turncap should only be needed during an active attack with a melee weapon. It makes no sense to have a cap at all other times imo (e.g. no charge, using spells, bow). Is it really worth it though? :unsure:
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    Turn Cap Yes or No?

    I vote no because like draculina points out, this issue is almost exclusive to duels, and the turncap seems to affect team fights in a negative way. We should balance the game primarily around team fights.
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    Bring back the old compass

    Great suggestion! Kato is clearly a real connoisseur
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    Forum Smartphone App for Mortal Online 2?

    Why do you prefer an app rather than just using the browser in your phones? The only argument I can read in the thread so far is faster access than using the browser, but to me this is not so different to adding a shortcut to the site on your homescreen?
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    Suggestion - Mouse direction down for stab & middle block

    I think that there is a seperate key for overhead that otherwise works the same way that alt works for stab in mo 1